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Background music for businesses that want it all

The most songs, playlists, and stars.
Play them any way you want.

100 million songs licensed for business

10% potential sales increase

Tools built for business

Trusted by thousands of businesses around the world to get the music right

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The most music,
the music you need

100 million songs is the world’s biggest catalog by far. We give you everything you need to play the hits, rare finds and favorites your customers and staff will love. You're legal and playing the music you want.

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Play what you want,
when you want

Enjoy total control over your music and make playlists like you’re used to. Soundtrack is the only commercial music service that lets you play exactly the songs you want, completely on demand.

No time to pick the songs? We’ve got you covered

Spotify playlists
Spotify playlists

Spotify playlists

Drag in any Spotify playlist and make it legal for your business, or create a station that adds similar music to some of those songs.

Soundtrack playlists

Soundtrack playlists

Pick from over 1,000 playlists for business types, seasons and situations, or search for your favourite artists to find related playlists.

Soundtrack playlists
Custom stations
Custom stations

Custom stations

Create unique stations tailored to your customers by clicking on the genres, energy and sounds that describe your brand.

“I’m not a tech person or a savvy computer literate, but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to navigate, select songs, create playlists, etc.”

Mayflower Park Hotel
Seattle, United States

“Plug in and forget, works 100% of the time, wide variety of music, love the preset stations of music”

Sid Spanos,
Clarion Hotel Sign
Stockholm, Sweden

“Easy to use, great song selection, no hassle - just set it on a station and it's good to go.”

Hunter Bryan,
Marketing Manager
Tennessee, United States

“You are much, much better than the highly repetitive Pandora. My total focus is bright tunes for a retail environment... just good, widely accepted music.”

Emigh Jewelry 
Pennsylvania, United States

“Excellent music selection at a good price!”

Katherine Schenk,
Café Floriana

“The best streaming system platform for business out there.”

David Levinsson,
Levinsson Music & Media Group AB

“I just wanted to let you know how excited I am that Soundtrack has implemented sort functions on playlists! It is so much easier for me to curate playlists for our company now.”

Social Media & Brand Leader
Jo Anne's Place Health Foods
Peterborough, United Kingdom

“Easy to use, setup and deploy.”

Bailey Nelson Inc

“I love how I can schedule my music for a week to a month at a time, and this way I don't have to worry about the music that will be playing...”

Mr. An’s Teppan Steak Seafood Sushi Bar 
Arizona, United States

“It's been an incredible change for us compared to Pandora by Mood Media. The schedule has allowed us to change every week, but also the amount of things you add each week has been incredible.”

Jae Bloom,
Bloomin Beads
Ohio, United States

Built for your



Drag and drop playlists onto your calendar and they’ll automatically play when they should. It's one less thing to worry about when the doors open.

Explicit filter and song block

Explicit filter and song block

Keep things family-friendly with an explicit lyrics filter that you activate with a click. Hear a song you don’t like? Block it and it never plays again.

Explicit filter and song block
Central control
Central control

Central control

Whether you have one location or many, it’s easy to see and control everything that’s playing, and limit unsupervised streaming from employees' devices.

Much more than streaming music

Soundtrack Your Brand Personal streaming
100 million songs true maybe
Song-by-song playlist creation true true
Artist playlists true true
Explicit lyric filter true true
Legal for business true false
Scheduling true false
Ready-made playlists for business true false
Centralized music management true false




Thousands of playlists and stations. It's licensed music for your business made easy.


  • Licenses for business use

  • 1,000+ Soundtrack playlists

  • Thousands of artist playlists

  • Custom stations built for your brand

  • Drag-and-drop scheduling

  • Explicit lyrics filter

/ per zone and month

Bill monthlyBill annually

Try Soundtrack risk-free for 14 days.

No credit card required.



Play whatever, whenever, legally. Make your own playlists from any songs in the catalog.

Everything in Essential plus:

  • Play exactly what you want

    Take any songs from our massive catalog and turn them into playlists

  • Save time by editing what’s already there

    Add or remove songs from the 1,000+ ready-made playlists to make them yours

  • Make your Spotify playlists legal

    Just drag them into the app to legally play them in your business

  • Play offline

    Licenses to store and play music offline

/ per zone and month

Bill monthlyBill annually

Try Soundtrack risk-free for 14 days.

No credit card required.



Support and service designed for businesses with 20 or more zones.

Everything in Essential or Unlimited plus:

  • Assisted onboarding

  • Priority support

  • Billing options

  • Dedicated account manager

  • SAML / SSO

  • Curation

    The opportunity to purchase music curation services from our music team

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