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What’s the story?

Soundtrack Your Brand was founded by me and Andreas Liffgarden in 2013. Both of us are music entrepreneurs and with Soundtrack Your Brand we set out to grow the global music market by re-shaping the business-to-business music space.

Our idea is simple: Apply frontline tech and know-how in order to change how digitally distributed music is used by brands and businesses on a global scale. With this as our starting point, we pursued a partnership with Spotify and the creation of two offers – Spotify for businesses and Spotify for enterprises.

At Soundtrack Your Brand, we are passionate about the music industry and the people that contribute to its progress. We love the heck out of music and the artists that create it. We pour our hearts and souls into our vision of growing the market and thereby supporting artists, so that they in turn will bring more killer music to both fans and brands.

Ola Sars
CEO & Founder


This is our band

We are a focused and committed company. All of us are part of building the products that amaze our customers, satisfies their needs and surpass their expectations. Every member of our team is a vital part of our product design process, and we consist of 44 passionate high performers working from Stockholm.

  • Alf Tumble Borgman
    Alf Tumble Borgman Content Manager
  • Amanda Björkegren
    Amanda Björkegren Music Curator
  • Andreas Liffgarden
    Andreas Liffgarden Founder & Chairman
  • Björn Idrén
    Björn Idrén Head of BI and Analytics
  • Caitlin D. Sullivan
    Caitlin D. Sullivan UX & User Research
  • Carl Almgren
    Carl Almgren Vice President Engineering
  • Christoffer Davidsson
    Christoffer Davidsson Software Engineer
  • Clare Nordenson
    Clare Nordenson Financial Assistant
  • Cornelia Brantås
    Cornelia Brantås Partner Relations
  • Daniel Hilding
    Daniel Hilding Product Manager
  • Daniel Reed
    Daniel Reed Paid Acquisition
  • David Romell
    David Romell Operations Manager
  • Erik Midander
    Erik Midander Software Engineer
  • Filip Moberg
    Filip Moberg Software Engineer
  • Fredrik Enestad
    Fredrik Enestad Senior Full-Stack Developer
  • Fredrik Norén
    Fredrik Norén Director of Business Solutions
  • Fredrik Wärnsberg
    Fredrik Wärnsberg Software Engineer
  • Gabriel Falkenberg
    Gabriel Falkenberg Software Engineer
  • Gustav Arnetz
    Gustav Arnetz Senior Product Designer
  • Hanna Ashby Öhman
    Hanna Ashby Öhman Activation & Retention Manager
  • Hannah Meiton
    Hannah Meiton VP Growth
  • Henrik Engdahl
    Henrik Engdahl Senior Product Designer
  • Henrik Rydgård
    Henrik Rydgård System Architect
  • Jasmine Moradi
    Jasmine Moradi Management Trainee
  • Jay-Jay
    Jay-Jay Office Dog
  • Jimmy Wennlund
    Jimmy Wennlund Software Engineer
  • Joel Broms Brosjö
    Joel Broms Brosjö Partner, Vice President Product & Brand
  • Lina Schillström
    Lina Schillström Software Engineer
  • Magnus Rydén
    Magnus Rydén Head of Content
  • Magnus Westling
    Magnus Westling Senior iOS Developer
  • Marawan Abdelhady
    Marawan Abdelhady Test Lead
  • Martin Tägtström
    Martin Tägtström UX Designer
  • Mathilda Granbacka
    Mathilda Granbacka Sales executive
  • Meysam Majd
    Meysam Majd Partnership Relations
  • Mikael Uusitalo
    Mikael Uusitalo Growth
  • Niklas Alvarsson
    Niklas Alvarsson Identity Design
  • Ola Sars
    Ola Sars CEO & Founder
  • Oskar Boethius Lissheim
    Oskar Boethius Lissheim Lead Developer iOS
  • Patrik Axelsson
    Patrik Axelsson Director, Product Design
  • Paul Stuart
    Paul Stuart General Counsel
  • Petter Eek
    Petter Eek Software Engineer
  • Rami Nihlawi
    Rami Nihlawi Nordic Director
  • Richard Hernemyr
    Richard Hernemyr Vice President Operations & Finance
  • Rickard Lindroth
    Rickard Lindroth Software Simian
  • Sabina Täck
    Sabina Täck Customer Service
  • Samuel Kantala
    Samuel Kantala Visual Designer
  • Sanna Fransson
    Sanna Fransson Global Manager Customer Service
  • Sofia Fröman
    Sofia Fröman Software Engineer
  • Stefan Kragh
    Stefan Kragh Music Manager
  • Sven Grundberg
    Sven Grundberg VP of Corporate Communications
  • Sven Widén
    Sven Widén Software Engineer
  • Victor Hallberg
    Victor Hallberg Software Engineer