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The soundtrack for an international art gallery set among rocks and pine trees in the Stockholm archipelago.

Music at Artipelag

Multimillionaire Björn Jakobson and his wife, Lillemor Jakobson, built Artipelag among the rocky crags and dark pines of the Stockholm archipelago.

They insisted that the art center should blend naturally into the stark coastal scenery. Artipelag has since established itself as one of the most exciting and innovative art galleries in the Nordics.

Hi there, Samuel Lind, please tell us a bit about Artipelag.

We’re a private art gallery. But we don’t sell or promote artists. We operate a traditional art hall and host temporary art shows. Artipelag has also become a place where people go to experience the archipelago since it’s only a 20-minute drive from Stockholm.

The Soundtrack of Artipelag


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What’s your role here at Artipelag?

I’m Artipelag’s graphic designer and digital producer. I make visual and interactive content and give people different ways to learn about the art,

Can you give us examples of how you get people to find out more about the art you exhibit?

We print a small complementary catalogue for each exhibition, and our gallery hosts give many free guided tours. In addition to the physical venue, we also work extensively with our digital assets like our digital catalogues in our app, interactive projects, and social media. For instance, we let guests take pictures that appear on our blog. That way we get the “viewers’ view” of the exhibitions, which lets us track their experiences.

What inspired your current exhibition, Monochrome Symphony?

We pick up on art historical aspects and examine the evolutionary line from then till now. It’s 100 years since Malevich painted his black square and it’s interesting to see how modern artists explore these traditions today.

How did you get involved with Soundtrack You Brand to help curate the music side of this?

Artipelag’s director of the arts wanted music in the exhibition to accentuate the different colors in the rooms. Every room is made up of Monochrome artworks in separate colors, and we wanted the exhibition to be an experience of color which the music emphasizes. Next, we invited music curator Stefan Kragh from Soundtrack Your Brand to help us curate the music.

”I feel that we can explore music in ways that really wasn't possible ten years ago.”

Samuel Lind

How did the project grow from there?

Stefan’s expertise and our research helped us come up with words we wanted the rooms to convey. We used the word “glimmering” for the white room, as an example. We also came up with directions, such as “it should feel like looking into the sun,” or “the tracks should have no song structure,” and so on. Stefan used those words, explored album titles, and studied the exhibited art to find the right music.

An unusual form of musical curation then?

Yes, this is contemporary curatorship. The word curator has widened to cover much more than art. Stefan curates music in a way that hasn’t been possible before. It’s less about individual bands or songs and more about creating a mood.

Tell us more about how you work with music.

Visitors can follow us on Spotify. A lot of the songs we’ve included are unknown to a wider audience, so that’s a nice way for our visitors to explore new music. They can also save these lists to their personal Spotify accounts and add tunes to them if they wish. It’s an excellent way of encouraging people to interact with the arts as these songs are part of the artworks in the exhibition.

Artipelag’s three tips for a memorable experience

  1. Find the right balance between being smart and fun. Those two things don’t have to contradict each other.
  2. You can say the same thing in various ways. You can tell a story to suit different media or adapt it to reach the person you are talking to.
  3. Combine the senses. What makes us Artipelag is that we combine excellent food, well-chosen music, a nature experience, and expertly curated art.

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