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Extending the lifestyle experience for guests and letting them connect with the brand all year round.

Music at Lapoint

The Challenge

Lapoint wants to engage with guests before and after the ultimate surf holiday and deliver an optimal soundtrack to all aspects of the guest experience.

The Solution

Soundtrack's social features help guests connect with Lapoint at all times, no matter where they are.

How it works

Lapoint will teach some 12,000 hopefuls how to stand up on the board and ride the perfect wave this year at their laid-back and welcoming surf camps across the world. A travel company out of the ordinary, Lapoint wants to make sure that its guests can continue to interact with the brand after the surf camp experience.

To let guest connect with the brand at any time and in any place, Lapoint has had a range of lists curated for the Lapoint Spotify profile. Through collaboration with Soundtrack your Brand and Toothfairy Label, Lapoint has invited some of Norway’s most talented musicians such as Coucheron, Ary, Carl Louis, Kid Astray, Surfalot, BAYA and Alex Pavelich from Lovespeake to curate those lists.

The curators’ brief was to embrace the different moods of Lapoint and put their personal touch on each of these lists, which include everything from rock, pop, electronica, classic soul, hip-hop, and R & B.

“The sum of these lists are best described as 'The Sound of Lapoint.' The idea is that our guests should be able to connect to our soundtrack from home, during their stay at the camp, and after their return to ‘the real world’ and thereby be able to tap into the unmistakable vibe of our #Goodtimes at any time,” Lapoint operations manager John Jacobsen said.


"Our guests can connect to our soundtrack from home, during their stay at the camp, and after their return to ‘the real world.’ They should be able to tap into the unmistakable vibe of our #goodtimes at any time."

John Jacobsen

At the surf camps, staff and curators have joined forces to create scheduled lists and also encourage guests to weigh in on what time they prefer which list “to identify the golden guest-based schedule.”

Additionally, Lapoint is developing brand new request-based lists which will be released this summer to explore how guests interpret the “The Sound of Lapoint.”

The Soundtrack of Lapoint


Cool, contemporary crispyness mixed to perfection in a funky fusion for your happiness.

Beyond the social features, Lapoint requires a full-service music solution that removes the element of chance at the surf camps.

“I’m specifically referring to the chance that someone plays Iron Maiden at 6 a.m. during our pre-surf breakfast. Make no mistake about it, we encourage individual expression and an untraditional approach, but there’s a time for everything. For most people, easy holiday mornings enjoyed with fresh coffees and local flavors is not the time for racy guitars and vocal rage," Jacobsen said.

With Soundtrack, Lapoint has access to a range of features that make it easy to get control and play the right music at the right time across the world.


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