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Soundtrack of the Month – Can't Stop Chill Hop

Soundtrack of the Month is a series of recommendations from the in-house Music team at Soundtrack. Every month, we interview the team and share their thoughts on a soundtrack that deserves some extra attention.

How would you describe Can’t Stop Chill Hop?

The soundtrack Can’t Stop Chill Hop spotlights modern lounge music, containing sparkling hip-hop and trip-hop instrumentals and other laid-back beats in songs from the 90s through today.

The 90s birthed trip hop—a jazzy, instrumental, lo-fi hip-hop sound—which the past two decades have smoothed into a more approachable genre. This background music with gentle beats slows down the busy pace of modern life.

Chill-hop has become something of an Internet phenomenon. Producers like Idealism, Nightmares On Wax, and Nujabes may not be household names, but heavy YouTube™ streaming speaks for itself. Our numbers tell a similar story: Can’t Stop Chill Hop is strikingly popular across a wide range of business types, and especially with hotels and offices.

Who should use it?

The strength of this soundtrack is its versatility! You can play it in a hotel lobby, in a bar or lounge, or in laid-back cafés and shops. But it works just as well with clothing, design, and lifestyle retail.

Chill hop also fits offices and learning environments—spaces where people need to relax but also focus—where it is commonly played at low volumes. And it appeals to a broad audience, from adolescents to those old enough to recognize its 90s roots.

When should they play it?

Play it anytime you want to keep an environment calm but moving—its subtle presence works well throughout the day. But when you need to speed things up, try something with more energy, and if you want the music to stand out more, play a soundtrack that has songs with vocals.

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