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Soundtracks of The Zodiac

Amp up the energy up for Aries season, dance to extravagant Leo disco anthems or keep the music low-key like a Capricorn. If your astrological sign was a soundtrack - how would it sound? Find the soundtrack of your life in our big 2020 music horoscope!

Youthful, elegant, careful, happy - different kinds of music have different personality traits just like real people do. That goes for all our readymade soundtracks too. Each one has its own characteristics and personal sound to fit any mood. In this guide, we take a closer look at twelve of them, perfectly matched with every sign of the zodiac.


March 20 - April 20
You’ll either find Aries sweating at the gym, beating everyone at crunches, or in a mosh pit at a really loud concert, dangerously close to the pyrotechnics. The youngest sign of the zodiac is a jock and a party animal who loves winning hates to lose and always rams obstacles head first. For Aries boredom is not an option and their energy is infinite so their music better be fun, youthful, and hard-hitting.

The perfect Aries soundtrack: Amped Up EDM


April 21 - May 21
Nobody appreciates the finer things in life better than a Taurus—whether it’s an expensive wine, a delicious seafood plateau, or just a great nap (on Egyptian cotton of course). Taurus always needs to be surrounded by beauty and wants to satisfy all five senses. High-quality music is a must, but conservative Taurus couldn’t care less about the latest trends. Stick with the romantic, elegant and rich sounds of the classical masters.

The perfect Taurus soundtrack: Old World Harmonies


May 21 – June 21
Of all the signs Gemini is most likely to win a rap battle and/or the Pulitzer Prize. Both a walking encyclopedia and a word twister, Gemini is ruled by the twin duality of intelligence and wit. But she’s also a pot stirrer who loves to play devil’s advocate. Open-minded Geminis are always on the hunt for something new and ready for fun. But with a tendency to suddenly get serious they crave a modern music mix that contains both new party anthems and smart lyrics.

The perfect Gemini soundtrack: Next Gen Hip Hop


June 21 – July 23
If you’re born with the sun in Cancer, you’re probably an intuitive, deeply emotional and caring person. The human equivalent of a hug, basically. But it can be exhausting to empathize with other people's pain and constantly absorb feelings. No wonder you need a spa day. Relax by the ocean or a pool (Cancer’s element is water) and pamper yourself with some super calming dreamy music that soothes the soul and lets the imagination wander.

The perfect Cancer soundtrack: Seashell Ambient


July 23-August 23
If Leo isn’t the center of attention, it must mean there is another even more radiating and charismatic Leo in the room. And that can only lead to one thing: DRAMA. The fun-loving queens and kings of the zodiac are passionate, warm and a bit hot-headed and love to show off a bright red and extravagant new outfit on the dance floor. Disco divas of the world unite!

The perfect Leo Soundtrack: Boogie Wonderland


August 23 – September 23
Big fans of common sense, loyalty and keeping their home tidy. Virgos have strong characters, are kind and hardworking, and never forget to say “please” and “thank you”. They prefer nature’s fresh air and small-town neighborhoods to the fast-paced big city life. Music that’s a bit more traditional, careful and wholesome goes well with their values. Good storytelling is key.

The perfect Virgo soundtrack: Country Nation


September 23 – October 23
Libras are allergic to injustice and bullies. Always diplomats striving for balance and harmony, they get a headache from conflicts. Libra craves constant mental stimuli and draws inspiration from the news, civilized discussions, and music. Since Libras are ruled by Venus, love songs are a staple, but mostly they want to listen to 60s folk songs about world peace by the campfire.

The perfect Libra soundtrack: The Times They Were A-Changing


October 23 - November 23
If you see somebody in a really, really cool black leather jacket, it’s probably a Scorpio.
The rockstar of the Zodiac is fierce, passionate and always flirting with darkness. Although she’s mysterious people in this sign hate dishonesty. You’ll never find a more loyal friend and they will take your secrets to the grave. Simply put: Scorpios keep it real and want their music to do the same.

The perfect Scorpio soundtrack: Rock On Fire


November 22 – December 22
Curiosity killed the cat but Sagittarius hopefully has more than nine lives. This is the most restless and adventurous of all the signs and definitely the one with the most frequent flyer miles. Hobbies include: backpacking, philosophy, ditching old hobbies and finding new ones. The only thing a Sagittarius loves more than a fun karaoke night in Tokyo is to find the latest danceable music trend from any corner of the world.

The perfect Sagittarius soundtrack (at the moment): Afrobeats Emerge


December 22-January 20
Have you ever been shushed at the library? It was probably by a Capricorn. They’re the first to show up for work in the morning and the last to leave in the evening. Professional and disciplined. After working hard all day, Capricorns want peace and quiet to enjoy their own company and a book about economics. If they listen to music, it won’t be flimsy radio pop but something serious and mature, involving a six-stringed guitar.

The perfect Capricorn soundtrack: Woes And Lows


January 20 – February 18
A green furry coat today, bright yellow pants tomorrow. You’ll recognize an Aquarius on their eccentric outfits and style flux. They might seem a bit aloof, but it’s only because they’re daydreaming about the future. The idealist of the zodiac draws energy from youth culture, breaking the norms, and a desire for freedom. Aquarius is an air sign and wants music to be breezy, but more importantly original and modern. Ideal for fantasizing about Utopia.

The perfect Aquarius soundtrack: Crystal Ball Indie


February 18 – March 20
Pisces is the old soul of the zodiac, gentle and known for their wisdom but concerned. Like your grandma or Gandalf. As the most compassionate and tolerant sign, Pisces has a deep understanding of humanity and a wide variety of friends. Music is a big inspiration and Pisces people want something expressive and artistic that transportsthem to a different place in time. The Roaring Twenties maybe?

The perfect Pisces soundtrack: Old Fashioned Jazz


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