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TONI&GUY USA needs the music played in its company-owned and franchise hair salons to resonate with customers' brand expectations. Soundtrack provides complete control of what's playing, where, at all times - including at franchise-owned salons.

Music at TONI&GUY

From its first salon in London in 1963 to the global company it has become, TONI&GUY has pioneered hair fashion. Customers all have one thing in common: they're looking for an authentic TONI&GUY experience.

Yvonne Mascolo, TONI&GUY's regional education director, and an avid music lover says the right sound is critical in setting the tone and completing the brand experience customers crave. TONI&GUY needed a music-licensing platform that lets HQ maintain overall brand consistency, but grants the academies, company salons, and franchise-owned locations individual freedom to choose between multiple branded playlists throughout the day. For this, they chose Soundtrack.

"It’s important that both our staff and our clientele enjoy the sounds they are listening to, this supports the TONI&GUY experience."

— Yvonne Mascolo

How it works

Dedicated music lovers from Toni&Guy's National Artistic team decide what to play. The group also collaborates with the Salon & Academy teams to make sure that the curation fits Toni&Guy's culture. After that, they review all music to make sure it's giving the right vibe, embodying the brand's cool, trendy, fashion-forward feeling.
Soundtrack has provided a way to deliver Toni&Guy's music across its network of salons in a consistent manner that represents the culture and brand.

"And we absolutely love it!" Ms. Mascolo says.


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