Your must-have checklist for playing music in your business this Christmas

Your must-have checklist for playing music in your business this Christmas

Christmas is soon upon us. Here’s a checklist from the Soundtrack music team that will help you play better music this holiday season.

Posted on November 30, 2021

2 minutes read

1. Don’t start playing Christmas music too soon

Even if you started decorating for Christmas right after Halloween, you might want to wait with the Christmas music. Christmas music sticks out if it’s played too early. And not in a good way.

2. Don’t stop playing Christmas music too soon

The days between Christmas and New Year’s are an excellent opportunity to extend the Christmas feeling to your customers.

3. Make every third song a Christmas song

It’s a good idea to have your customers hear at least one Christmas song during their visit. Since a song is about three minutes long and the typical store visit lasts about ten minutes, it’s enough if you make one out of three songs a Christmas song. This way, you won’t drive your team nuts.

The easiest way to make every third song a Christmas song is by utilizing our scheduling feature. By scheduling your music, you can add several playlists to the same time–slot.

So, if you add three playlists to a time–slot where one is holiday-themed, every third song ends up playing from that list for the duration you've chosen. To see how to set it up in practice, check out our tutorial video on scheduling.

“Christmas music can be a blessing and a curse, depending on how you use it. While it gets people’s emotions going and can have a positive effect on shopping behavior, too much can have the opposite effect—especially among staff.”

Magnus Rydén, VP Music at Soundtrack

4. Mix Christmas music into your chosen genre

If you usually play pop music, play pop covers of favorite Christmas songs. If you typically play jazz, play Christmas-themed jazz songs. It’s that easy.

5. Try to find alternate versions of favorite Christmas songs

A lot of popular artists have covered classic Christmas songs. Play those covers.

6. Involve the team

Talk to your team about the kind of Christmas music you’ll play, when you’ll play it, and why. This helps them feel included.

7. Play different music outside of business hours

Schedule Christmas-free music before and after opening hours. Your team shouldn’t have to hear it more than necessary.

8. Or skip it altogether

Stand out by not playing any Christmas music at all. Be bold. If your shop is located in a busy spot, refresh your customers and give them a break from all that Christmas music.

9. Small businesses can be far more daring than big chains and department stores

Why not play unusual versions of classic Christmas music to break out of the rut? Try 50's rock-n-roll, doo-wop, or reggae versions of traditional Christmas songs. Be different!

Need more help?

These tips will have you playing great music this Christmas. To make it even easier, explore these ready-made Christmas playlists.

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