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Software Engineer C++

Stockholm, SE


About Us

Soundtrack Your Brand is a Spotify-backed company that offers music streaming services for businesses. We serve small customers, like the hairdresser around the corner but also large enterprises like McDonald's, Tony & Guy and TAGHeuer.

Playing music in businesses are far different from playing music at home. A business music service is pretty much a collaborative, multi-user, multi-location game where enterprises need a vast selection of music that's continually updated.

Our development team consists of 35 very talented, motivated and humble engineers with experiences from EA, Spotify, Skype, iZettle, Viaplay, Blocket, and Aftonbladet. In total, we are about 90 people working from Birger Jarlsgatan in Stockholm, Seattle, and London.

After building an impressive Nordic customer base in the last couple of years, we have now expanded internationally and are currently live in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.

The Job

You will play a central role in our Play & Control team and primarily focus on embedded development of our player software which is a crucial part of our service. It is written in C++ for platform portability and it runs on Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux. Without knowing it, you have probably seen but most definitely heard our player at Joe & The Juice, Uniqlo, W Hotels and others major establishments.

The Windows version typically runs on point-of-sales stations or digital signage platforms, targeting larger companies with existing infrastructure. The iOS or Android version is often used at hotels, restaurants and bars where the staff heavily influence the music. Our own hardware, the Soundtrack Player, is a Linux based device suitable for all types of installations where the customer would like a dedicated player device, i.e. a black-box. Finally we have our hardware partner program where commercial AV manufactures can integrate our player software into their hardware using our SDK. Your work here will be to provide our partners with a well documented and reliable SDK, but also help our partners to succeed with their implementation.

Our player software receives real-time updates from our back-end services to make sure the right music is played a the right time. Our backend services are built primarily with golang, JavaScript (react,, Elk (ElasticSearch, Kibana) and Google PubSub and is provided to you by our platform team. We heavily rely on Google Cloud Platform to host our services using either AppEngine or Container Engine (Kubernetes).


Besides having extensive work experience of developing embedded C++ applications running on multiple platforms or large scale set of IoT devices, you are friendly, pragmatic, professional, communicative, precise and fun to work with. Also, you are probably comfortable with describing yourself as:

  • A person with an agile mindset who feels comfortable to quickly adapt to constant change.
  • Focused on what is most important here and now, at all times, realizing when it's time to change the game plan and when to stick to it.
  • Experience working with consumer products and understanding of the quality needed when it comes to developing for real end-users.
  • A great communicator – inside the team, as well as outside it.
  • An open person who say what you mean and mean what you say.
  • Ready to get your hands dirty and join a team of doers!

Your knowledge and expertise are as important as your personality and you should have a good amount of experience with at least a few of the following technologies and areas.

  • C/C++
  • Integrating audio libraries e.g. DSPs or decoders
  • Embedded Linux (yocto)
  • Know how to debug, profile and analyze multi-threaded applications on various platforms, like Linux, Windows, iOS and Android.
  • Mastering various build systems like make, cmake and ninja
  • Unit and integration test frameworks and libraries lite Google Test
  • Understanding and implementing encryption and secure systems
  • Building and supporting an external SDK
  • Android and Java JNI
  • iOS (Swift), Apple related build systems and deployment tools
  • React Native
  • IoT related challenges like logging, monitoring and automatic updates
  • Web based services and APIs
  • Continuous integration tools like Jenkins, TeamCity etc.

Apply to: [email protected]