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A quick introduction to scheduling

Soundtracks scheduling tool makes it a lot easier to plan what music to play in your business.

One thing you’re probably wondering about is scheduling: Do you have to? Good question. No, you don't. You never have to schedule your music, if you don’t want to. Simply picking and playing a soundtrack will cover all of your basic needs.

But if you want to fine-tune your customer experience, go ahead and explore the scheduling feature.

“Some businesses play upbeat music to the staff before the opening to get them in the right frame of mind”

Some things to consider as you get started

First, think about if your business caters to different customer segments during different periods of the day?

Another aspect you might consider is how your business trading patterns vary throughout the day. Maybe you want to play certain types of music at specific times of the day? For instance, some businesses play upbeat music to the staff before the opening to get them in the right frame of mind.

The new scheduling feature lets you tailor the music to fit your business perfectly. By working with playlists with different energy levels or emotions, you can adapt the music throughout the day to meet your changing needs.

Let's say you have a restaurant. You may want to start off with a relaxing and soothing breakfast atmosphere, but by the time happy hour begins maybe you want to pump it up? If you own a shop, you want people moving in and out quickly at certain times, but at other times you might prefer to play slower music to let them stroll around at their leisure?

A few tips

• Make sure you have enough music to avoid repetition that will bore your staff and customers. We recommend around 600 songs or 40 hours of music.

• Create an original sound for your business by mixing several playlists in the same time slot. Begin by finding a more general purpose soundtrack and spice it up with a couple of edgier playlists.

• When you mix different soundtracks and playlists, it's a good idea to pick ones that have similar energy levels. That way you create a smoother and more enjoyable listening experience.

Best of luck!


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