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Sneak peek: Import Spotify playlists

Import Spotify playlists and play music that fits your business.

At Soundtrack Your Brand, we're all about making our customers happy.
One of our most highly sought after features is to import Spotify
playlists straight into Soundtrack Business. And with good reason! You
know your business best, so you know exactly what kind of music your
customers want to hear.

So, without further ado, here it is:

You can now import any playlist from Spotify on your mobile or your
desktop PC. Drag and drop the playlist into the interface, or connect
to your Spotify profile.

Drop a Spotify playlist to import it

Once you've imported a playlist, a handy tool helps you expand your
new playlist with similar songs. To make sure the music stays fresh,
you can go back and update the playlist at any time by adding and removing songs.

Imported playlist in Soundtrack Business

We're rolling out this feature across many markets.

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