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The Future Sound Of Automotive Showrooms

The music is just as important as the interior of your showroom.
Take the experience to the next level with music.

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The future of automotive showroom experience.

We no longer buy cars like we used to.

Car-as-a-service and online car buying are challenging how car companies connect with customers.

But even though the rules are changing, an emotional connection with a brand and values remains essential to a purchase.

Forward-thinking dealerships are creating exciting environments that not only make strong architectural statements but also expand the customer experience into something that engages more with consumers, provides excitement and, perhaps, even a sense of community.

They’re building stores that look and feel nothing like the past generation’s car showroom. They spend less time of the customer interaction on hard sales and more time on creating bespoke experiences in interactive and exciting spaces.

Music plays a central part in this...

Buying a car is one of the single most emotional decisions for many people. Yet despite spending millions every year on above-the-line marketing, car brands still fail to follow through on that brand promise when customers reach the physical channel: the showroom.

– Ola Sars, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Soundtrack Your Brand


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