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Situated on pristine Miami beachfront, 1 Hotel South Beach looks out over the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. Music is a critical ingredient says Music Manager Alex Butler.

Music at 1 Hotels

1 Hotel has created an eco-friendly haven along the Atlantic coast of Miami's South Beach.

When Starwood Capital founder Barry Sternlicht opened 1Hotel in March 2015, he wanted something beyond yet another boutique concept, defined solely by look and style. Sternlicht wanted to create a lifestyle hotel brand for the modern conscious guest, a new genre working as a platform to spread a message about our relationship with
the environment.

Sternlicht wants to foster environmental awareness at all points, from the cardboard coat hangers to the hotel's complimentary Tesla car service. The wood in ceilings and furniture comes from salvaged Colorado beetle pines. Plants, not art, adorn the walls. In his words: “We're not a brand, we’re a cause.”

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While Miami is about the night, 1Hotel will celebrate the day. This attitude, Sternlicht hopes, is manifested in a white, fresh, simple, yet sensuous aesthetic with lots of wood, an atmosphere described as Zen-like.

Soundtrack of 1 Hotels


The soundtrack ranges from the elegant and dreamlike to rawer and more earthy sounds, all infused with 1 Hotel's organic and tropical ambience.

The Situation
To truly bring its green-leaning message to life, 1 Hotel needed the right tunes. So, so they hired Alex Butler, aka chart-topping artist Alyx Ander, to select music that had a vibe apart from the usual Miami club fare.

The Soundtrack
We're not the place where you go for big room house, or top-40 hits or hard rock," Butler said. "We're drawing inspiration from nature. Our music is Balearic or off the beaten path. We want it to be raw and organic. You might hear tribal sounds, tropical nature sounds, afro house, and sometimes the sort of music you'd hear in Ibiza.

”We're drawing inspiration from nature. Our music is Balearic or off the beaten path. We want it to be raw and organic.”

Alex Butler

The Problem
Then Butler set about getting the best system to play music for hotels. But what he found was that many of the services are archaic in nature, and don't allow different scheduling or on-the-fly changes to playlists. Until he discovered Soundtrack Your Brand.

The Solution
Customers are interested in what we play, and I get a lot of requests if I can burn guests a cd and so on," he said. "This technology will be a game-changer. The ability to create Spotify profiles where guests can follow us, or to use the API to create new experiences will push things to where they never were in the past. One thing we're looking at doing is having a "Now playing" display on our website to show what's being played in different parts of the hotel.


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