“Today, artists and creators are losing money because of the lack of education and clarity around the use of music in business and commercial spaces. If we allow misuse to continue at this level, we diminish the value of music globally.”

- Ola Sars, Founder, CEO and Chairman, Soundtrack Your Brand

Music Discovery for Artists

A simple visit to a coffee shop, restaurant, gym or hotel could be all it takes for someone new to connect with your music and join your artist fanbase. An impressive 33% of listeners in the USA discover new music when it’s played as background music in business and commercial locations.

Most business owners, staff and customers expect to hear great playlists featuring their preferred artists playing ad-free at all times. The right music can be make or break for the customer experience in particular. This means that owners and managers typically need an easy to use sound system where they can play the best music for their brand, which often means that free music from royalty-free tracks simply isn’t suitable.

Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and Amazon Music are all popular music streaming platforms. However, since they are music providers that are built purely for personal use, businesses are breaking the law on a daily basis by using these to play music in-store for their customers. The same problem occurs for businesses that publicly play music from radio stations.

The world of music licensing can be confusing, so many business owners and managers are unaware of the damage that they are causing. Though your music might be getting the exposure to a potential new fan in these scenarios, you wouldn’t be getting fairly paid for playback of the track. Soundtrack offers a solution for this.

Fair Payment for Artists

The music industry is currently losing $1.38 billion per year. That loss comes entirely from incorrect music playing in businesses. The unfortunate reality is that in the United States, 78% of small-to-midsize businesses are using personal music streaming platforms for their in-store overhead music.

Soundtrack Your Brand, formerly Spotify for Business, was launched in 2013. We set out to ensure that you are fairly paid as an artist, by providing licensed music for business and commercial use in the form of a high-quality on-demand music streaming platform.

For every track that is played using the Unlimited plan, artists can earn up to five times more with Soundtrack Your Brand compared to personal music streaming services. This is because our technology guarantees that royalties are fairly distributed back to you as an artist.

Soundtrack launched the world's first global, direct licensing model for businesses to legally play music. We have more than 15,000 licensing deals with labels, publishers and performing rights organizations. This means that everyone involved in music creation, including you as the artist, is paid fairly.