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Technical Guidelines


All our administrative interfaces are web-based and are fully functional in all modern web browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari 8, Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox 30. Running other browsers may result in SYB software applications not operating properly or as intended.

Supported devices

  • PC – Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or later.
  • Soundtrack Player – Streaming box distributed by Soundtrack Your Brand.
  • iPad – iPad 2 or later (iPad 3 or later recommended)
  • iPad Mini – First generation or later (2nd generation or later recommended)
  • iPhone – iPhone 4S or later
  • iPod Touch – 5th generation or later

All iOS devices requires iOS 9.0 or later.

Internet connection and cache size

In order to ensure the best possible experience, we recommend a wired solution (ethernet cable) connected to the device.
Recommended dedicated bandwidth is at least 0.5 mbit/s
Recommended configured cache size is:

  • Spotify Remote for Windows & Spotify Business for iPad: at least 5 GB
  • Soundtrack Player: pre-defined (the box is only used for playing music)

Audio system

Your playback device should be connected to speakers, usually via an amplifier. Any existing audio installation should work just fine as long as it has a line input for audio.