Are all B2B Service Providers legal?

Soundtrack Your Brand’s six years in the background music business have given it plenty of insight into how B2B service providers avoid paying rights holders and music creators. Click the links for further details on how some operators trick businesses and what you as a rights holder or customer can do to avoid being misled.

Information for rights holders looking to add music to our catalog

How can I make music content available on Soundtrack Your Brand?

In order to include your music catalogue in Soundtrack, it would need to be licensed via a third party aggregator for digital distribution (such as Amuse, Bandcamp, CDBaby, Fresh tunes, Horus Music, Merlin, the Orchard, Record Union, Routenote, Sounddrop or Tunecore) or through one of the major labels.

SYB uses the content fulfilment services of 7Digital and therefore a requirement is currently that the catalogue is available with 7Digital.

Also, the handling of file of asset delivery/distribution of the music (i.e. the method used to get the music files to a digital music service provider) is an important aspect – this is normally a service that can be provided by a third party distribution service or platform (such as Fuga and Consolidated Independent), if not by the major label itself.

Furthermore, the catalogue needs to be available on Spotify, which our music curators use for the music curation. The third party aggregators normally submit the music to both Spotify and our service so this would be the easiest way.

In summary, in order to play a track on our service, we would need:

i) approval as regards to the master rights, which we usually get via a master/label agreement; 

ii) the assets from the master rights owner via our backend 7D, i.e. the master rights owner has ingested the content which we can access; and 

iii) the same content on Spotify because SYB’s curation team uses Spotify as basis for the curation. 

How does Soundtrack Your Brand licence the music included in its service?

SYB holds deals with labels for the master rights, both major labels and independent, and for the publishing rights with local collective management organisations (“CMO”) as well as direct deals with the major publishers globally.

In the US, we licence publishing rights, where available both performance and reproduction rights, directly from publishers. And we licence directly with the indie publishers in addition to the performance rights organisations (“PRO”). For this administration we use MRI. We’d be happy to put you in touch with MRI if you have any further questions in this regard.

In light of the foregoing, a relevant question would be how you license your catalogue today in the US vis-à-vis rest of the World, i.e. through PROs/CMOs or via one of the majors?

How does Soundtrack Your Brand report music usage?

SYB reports and pays royalties for the usage of music on its service directly to its music licensors in accordance with SYB’s license deals, in principle on a track-by-track basis. A stream counts at 30 seconds and the pay out from the licensors to rightsholders may depend on the relevant deal.

How can I share information about new priority releases with your music team?

Create a playlist in Spotify where you continuously add your new priority releases and share the link with [email protected] Then our music team will be able to follow the playlist and use it as a source in their constant search for new music to include in our soundtracks. Due to the large amount of incoming music they are not able to provide feedback with regards to the music or it being included in our programming or not.