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Morning Christmas Coffee on white table
Morning Christmas Coffee on white table

The proper way to play holiday music this year.

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Customized holiday music.

At this time of year, it’s more important than ever to keep repeating songs to a minimum – there are only so many holiday hits a single person can handle.

Our holiday-themed Soundtracks prevent unnecessary repeats while still letting your staff and customers enjoy the essentials of the holidays.

A new take on holiday music.

Play varied and enjoyable holiday music without unneccessary repeats that get on people’s nerves.

Increase sales.

Happier staff are able to sell more, and playing more varied music help customers stay longer in your place of business.

Schedule your music.

Have full control over what music is playing at what time with our advanced scheduling tool.

Play from your existing device.

You can play from a devices you already have, so there’s no need to worry about investing in new hardware.
We support Android, iOS & Windows-devices.

Bartenders serving cocktail
Bartenders serving cocktail


Help your staff.

Treat your staff to a holiday gift of your own by playing music that you actually won’t grow tired of. That means you avoid the troubles of having staff that are sick of the holidays before they’ve even started.

There are only so many times one can stand hearing ’Last Christmas’, after all.

Cute couple reads in magical and romantic setting
Cute couple reads in magical and romantic setting

Make your customers stay.

Holiday shoppers will grow tired of the seasonal music long before they have time to celebrate the season itself.

Let them enjoy a good time when they visit your place of business by playing the sort of music they need to hear, while everyone else loop the same 20 tracks over and over.


Read the report.

The study includes stocking-filler charts from Soundtrack Your Brand’s data experts, showing which songs and artists rule the holiday season.


Music for your business

1 month free + 2 months at 50% off.

Soundtrack Business is the world’s leading music service for businesses that lets you manage the music in all your locations from one place. Play the same music across all locations or adjust the feeling & mood to a specific location. Prevent repeats, control volume & exclude tracks with explicit lyrics with the click of a button.

After the holiday season is over, we’ve got plenty of other music to keep you going all year ’round.

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