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The Universal Language of Mankind: How Music Influences Buying Behaviour.

Great music can enhance your customers' experience, make them stay longer and spend more money.

Download the study below to find out how much music really matters.

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Ola Sars

Speaker at Retail Week Live 2018
07-Mar-2018 17:15 – 17:40

The universal language of mankind: How music influences buying behaviour

Ola Sars is the CEO & founder at Soundtrack Your Brand, also known as the Spotify-backed B2B music company founded in 2013. Together with his team, they’re spearheading the digital transformation of music in retail.


The biggest experiment ever.

Research has shown that music can influence sales and customer decisions. This study takes the research one step further: it specifically examines music that expresses a brand's values and how music in restaurants affects sales.

9.1% is the difference in total sales when playing music that matched the brand compared with playing randomly selected popular songs.

Get the report.

Download a summary of the breakthrough academic study. Learn how playing music that has a good fit with a company’s brand increased customer well-being and hiked sales for a major restaurant chain.


How Joe & The Juice use Soundtrack Business

Brand-fit Music.

Play the right music that matches their brand across all of their juice bars, to energize staff & guests.

Scheduling & Dayparting.

Scheduling to set the right mood and energy at the right time throughout the day and week.

User Control.

Allow their employees to choose the music, with admin super-control to make sure what is being played is appropriate.

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"What we’ve achieved here is that everything music related happens automatically, so the staff just need to focus on serving guests."

- Benjamin Calleja, Co-founder of 1889 Pizza

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