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How TAG Heuer works with music in their stores.

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Music is transforming businesses.

See why 1000s of businesses are rethinking the music they play. How does your brand sound?

1. Increase sales.

Research shows that playing the right music in business can increase sales by more than 9%. Modern business owners can’t afford to ignore the impact of music on customers and average order value.

2. Enhanced experience

Customers come to your business with expectations you should meet. Match those expectations with an experience that fits the brand and identity of your brand.

3. Complete control.

Instantly control the music across as many of your businesses as you like. Around the city, or around the world - regardless of whether you have one location or hundreds.

4. Fully licensed.

Soundtrack Business comes with the correct licenses for playing legally compliant music in your business.


Want to see how Soundtrack Business can help your business?

Companies like TAG Heuer, GANT, Toni & Guy, and Hästens are changing the way they use music to grow their business and enhance the customer experience. Let us show you what Soundtrack Business can do for you.

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  • Music for all business types

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A collaboration between TAG Heuer and Soundtrack Your Brand.