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We’re changing in-store music forever

While the consumer music industry has saved itself from piracy with streaming, the market for background music has been left behind.

Time for a change.

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Businesses are crying out for modern distribution of music on an intelligent platform.

Music is a crucial part of the retail experience. That’s why retailers need tools to validate the music creates the right emotions and encourages the intended behavior. We’ve built the platform that finally makes this possible.

Fair compensation for great music.

Around the world, people raise their voices and demand to know that music makers are paid for their work. But the traditional background music market is unfair and broken. Through intelligent streaming and pioneering licensing deals we’ve built a pay-per-stream model that lets forward-thinking brands honor the musicians they love.


“When people visit a fashion store, it is an experience. And that is the key. E-commerce can’t compete with that.”

Ola Sars - Founder.

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“Finally a background music service that licenses its music directly from labels and publishers. Artists and composers will get paid accurately.“

Andreas Liffgarden - Founder.

Read the full article at Bloomberg.com


“Brands: Stop using consumer products. We’ve built something far superior for you.”

Joel Broms Brosjö - Founder.

Read the full article at Billboard.com

Find the right music for your business.

Soundtrack Business is great for all companies, no matter size, location or business type.

Music for Restaurants

Increase the average order
value of your guests.

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Music for Cafés

Control the mood during busy mornings & calm afternoons.

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Music for Retail Stores

Increase time in-store
and basket values.

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Music for Hotels

Set the mood of your brand with your guests throughout the day.

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Music for Bars

Schedule the music in your bar as you need.

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Music for Gyms

Manage the music in your gym & fitness classes, all from one tool.

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First month for free.

Try for 30 days and see what music can do for your business. No commitment, cancel online at any time.

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