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Fast fine pizza diner 18|89 use the Soundtrack API to enhance the experience—both inside and outside the restaurant

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Past, present & future

Fast fine pizza diner 18|89 use three customized screens to visualize the past, the present and the future. The guests at the restaurant can see what just played, what’s playing right now, and the genre of music.

Tweak the mood

Big crowd just walked in... why not crank it up a bit? 18|89 has built an energy-slider easily managed by their staff.

90” interactive artwork

A wall TV is installed to draw attention to the music.

“I love this song!”

The 18|89 app is integrated. This lets visitors find tracks they hear and save them to their Spotify account in just a click.

And it just works

18|89 has built a robust solution that once installed, runs on its own. The crew can focus on what they're good at, making the finest pizza.

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