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Soundtrack provides stores, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial settings with a beautiful all-in-one music streaming solution.

Soundtrack SDK lets partners build Soundtrack playback apps with offline support.

Speaker integration

Our partner Axis Communications has used the Soundtrack SDK to build an app that supports Soundtrack. The app is available for most Axis network audio systems. Axis offers complete network audio systems including speakers, microphone consoles, audio bridges, and audio management software.

The integration of Soundtrack SDK lets Axis customers use Soundtrack without investing in additional hardware. Axis has 90,000 partners in 179 countries.


Highlighted partner

Raydiant was founded in 2017 after recognizing the industry need for an innovative commercial platform that runs screen-based applications on dynamic digital displays. Today, Raydiant has evolved into the leading solution for in-location experiences across all industries.

With a robust application ecosystem, powerful but simple hardware and a cloud-based operating system, users get an out-of-box, easy to manage experience without any hassle. Raydiant’s world-class team is dedicated to making the best products so their users can focus on what matters most, keeping their employees and customers happy.

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AUDAC and Soundtrack Your Brand
Partner up for a unique collaboration

The NMP40 and modular SourceCon™ sources (MFA series and XMP44) have been subjected to a series of tests by the Soundtrack Your Brand team before receiving official approval to use their software.

Now, this unique collaboration between AUDAC and Soundtrack Your Brand allows you to connect your professional audio system to the world’s largest catalogue of licensed music for public and commercial spaces.

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