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Toasty music for Quiznos.

Quiznos believes music plays a critical role in our brand and can improve your guest experience.

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Full control over the music in your business.

Soundtrack Business is a powerful music streaming platform, licensed for commercial and public spaces.

The product comes with tools to steer all of your locations from one place and schedule your music ahead of time based on the needs of your business.


Control all your locations.

We make it simple to play your soundtrack across many locations. Around the city or around the world.

You can make changes to a single location or instantly update the music in all your stores. Everything from a single dashboard.

What's a Soundtrack?
Alf Tumble, one of our Music Supervisors, explains Soundtracks.
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Introducing Soundtracks.

We provide businesses with more than 250 music channels that are ideal for commercial settings.
These channels include week-long music collections called Soundtracks as well as a wide variety of playlists that suit specific times. By mixing them, you can vary the energy and intensity in your venue.

Always updated. Never repetitive.

Soundtracks guarantee that your customers and staff won't suffer from listening fatigue. Our curators continuously update the music to keep it fresh, and the length of the Soundtracks ensure that you won't hear the same song twice in a working week.

New music, fresh artists.

Our music supervisors cast a wide net and keep a sharp eye on all new music, to make sure you never miss out on new releases by artists you care about.

Licensed for business use

Playing music in a place of business is far different from playing music at home. Business settings need a huge selection of music that's constantly updated. Playing song by song takes away time from staff, usually becomes repetitive, and it can even hurt sales.

Huge music catalogue for businesses.

We have a huge and growing music catalogue with millions of songs licensed for businesses.


Tweak your sound.

Don’t like profanity? Block songs with explicit lyrics. Need more variety? Prevent frequent repeats. The settings menu will help you get the sound just right. You’ll also find several other useful features like volume normalization and zone-specific stereo/mono.


Avoid gaps in your music and create smooth transitions with crossfade.

Block explicit songs.

Block songs with explicit lyrics with the click of a button.

Don’t repeat

Play one of our Soundtracks and your staff won't hear the same songs on repeat.



Show your sound.

Display your music and use it as a conversation starter.

Works with


Your phone as a remote.

No matter how carefully you schedule your work week, reality doesn’t always stick to the plan. With the iOS remote app, your staff can fine-tune the volume or skip songs to adjust to changing conditions.


See what’s playing
View track history
Adjust volume
Skip songs

The Soundtrack Player

Soundtrack Player uses the most advanced streaming technology ensuring the music never stops.

Price: $125

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Exclusively for Quiznos

We are excited to announce that we have selected a new music provider, Soundtrack Your Brand, a Spotify-backed company to launch the new Quiznos music strategy. With a no upfront investment option and great incentive plans it’s possible to have your new music strategy up and running within a week!

Excluding the
Soundtrack Player

Need to buy the Soundtrack Player separately ($125)


per location & month after your first free month.

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Including the
Soundtrack Player

This offer includes the Soundtrack Player


per location & month after your first free month.

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