National Restaurant association
National Restaurant association

Fully licensed background music for National Restaurant Association members

Getting started

Getting started

Step 1

Start your free trial

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Download the free app

Download the app to the phone, tablet, or computer you’ll stream music through.

Step 3

Connect to your sound system

Connect to your sound system with WiFi, Bluetooth, AirPlay, Chromecast, or cables – whatever works for you.

Your guests care about the music. So should you.

Your guests care about the music. So should you.


notice the background music in restaurants


think it’s important for a restaurant to play music they like


stay longer in a business when they like the music

MRC Data (formerly Nielsen Music). (2021, September). Background Music: the Untapped Promotional Avenue for Music

Read the studies here

soundtrack player

The soundtrack player

The Soundtrack Player is a practical solution since it’s a streaming box fully dedicated to our music solution. All you need to do is plug in the power, ethernet cable and audio cable, and you're playing.


Discounted price

/month per zone


  • 58 million songs licensed for restaurants

  • Access to iOS, Android and Windows Streaming applications

  • ASCAP & BMI licenses included for background music

  • Scheduling and other business features