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Tools made for business.

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Spotify has millions of songs. Play your favorites, discover new tracks, and build the perfect soundtrack. Drag and drop playlists from Spotify to schedule your music.


Control all your locations.

We make it simple to play your soundtrack across many locations. Around the city or around the world.

You can make changes to a single location or instantly update the music in all your stores. Everything from a single dashboard.

Introducing Soundtracks.

Soundtracks are professional selections of music specially made for businesses. They are always updated, will never go silent and are never repetitive. Find the one matching your brand and press play.

Endless music.
Simply press play and the music never stops.

Made by experts.
Our music professionals use the latest research and data to handpick all songs.

Always Updated.
Continuous updates make sure our soundtracks always sound fresh.

Never repeats.
Don’t exhaust customers and staff. Our soundtracks are built for long play.

Listen to all our soundtracks

Playlists add variety.

Playlists complement our Soundtracks and are perfect for one-off events and time-limited activities. Use Playlists during campaigns and stay relevant to customers by connecting your brand to local events or holidays.

There are many great Playlists to choose from - click the button to find your favourite.

What's the difference?

Non-stop music.
A great way to strengthen your brand.
More discrete music.

Minimum three hours of music.
Adapt your music to local events and holidays.
More noticeable music.

Browse our Playlists

Plan like a pro.

Schedule your music to suit different times of the day. Sequence playlists to find just the right sound. You work seamlessly with Spotify by dragging and dropping your playlists straight into the mix.

Drag and drop.

Drag and drop your Spotify playlists to build your brand sound.

Schedule your day.

Schedule your playlists to create different moods throughout the day.

Mix it up.

Increase variation by mixing playlists in your schedule.


Your phone as a remote.

No matter how carefully you schedule your work week, reality doesn’t always stick to the plan. With the iOS remote, your staff can fine-tune the volume or skip songs to adjust to changing conditions.


See what’s playing
View track history
Adjust volume
Skip songs


 your sound.

Don’t like profanity? Block songs with explicit lyrics. Need more variety? Prevent frequent repeats. The settings menu will help you get the sound just right. You’ll also find several other useful features like volume normalization and zone-specific stereo/mono.

Block explicit songs.

Block songs with explicit lyrics with the click of a button.


Avoid gaps in your music and create smooth transitions with crossfade.

Don’t repeat.

Don’t let your staff or customers hear the same song twice
 within 12 hours.

One account. Many users.

Give your users different levels of access depending on their roles. For example, you can invite external curators to help build your soundtrack, but block their access to all other features.



Play from your existing device.

You can run Spotify Business on devices you already have, so there's no need to worry about investing in new, dedicated hardware.

What else do I need?


Play from a Windows PC.



Play from most Apple devices.


Show your sound. Beautifully.

Great music shouldn’t just sound good. It should look good too. Use a internet-connected TV, iPhone, iPad or iPod to display the music you're playing. It's a great conversation starter.

Tailored for any business.

Whether you’re a big chain or a small shop, we’ve got you covered.

Small Business

For small businesses with one location.
(You can upgrade at any time)


per month

Large Business

For businesses with multiple locations.


per month & location

Questions and Answers.

Frequently asked questions about our pricing.

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Small or Large Business? What licence should I have?

We currently offer two different subscriptions; Small Business and Large Business. The price differs depending on if you want to use the service in one or several locations.

Small Business is designed for companies with a turnover less than 10 million per year and who want to play music in one place.

Large Business suits companies who want to play music in more places. The price for Large Business is 799 SEK per location, and month. If you want to play music in more places at the same address, you can add more zones for only 199 SEK per month.

Read more here.

What’s the difference between Spotify Business & Spotify Premium?

Spotify Business is a service for business owners that includes commercial licenses. The license you get with Spotify Premium is for private use and doesn't let you play music in public environments, such as a restaurant or store. Spotify Business also comes with business-specific features that give you total control of the sound of your brand.

How much is the fee for Spotify Business and what is included?

A Spotify Business account costs 349 SEK per month. Part of the fee pays for the mechanisation rights, which is the rights to use musical works on the Spotify platform. We distribute the money to composers and musicians through IFPI, STIM, and SAMI. Read more here.

Do I need to continue to pay the licence fee to STIM and SAMI?

Yes. Composers and musicians are paid for the performing rights through their rights organisations, IFPI, STIM, and SAMI. You need these licenses when you play music in your business, whether if it’s from a CD player, a radio, a TV, or an online streaming service.