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We know music.

Our music team has years of experience from a variety of different fields across the music industry. Ongoing research collaborations help them curate our Soundtracks and Playlists and guarantees you the perfect music for your business.

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What's a Soundtrack?
Alf Tumble, one of our Music Supervisors, explains Soundtracks.
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Introducing Soundtracks.

Soundtracks are nothing like regular playlists. Unlike personal playlists, Soundtracks are ideal for commercial settings. These massive music collections feature hundreds of hours of music, precisely curated to create a cohesive ambiance for your business.

Always updated. Never repetitive.

Soundtracks guarantee that your customers and staff won't suffer from listening fatigue. Our curators continuously update the music to keep it fresh, and the length of the Soundtracks ensure that you won't hear the same song twice in a working week.

Discover new music.

Our music supervisors cast a wide net and keep a sharp eye on all new music, to make sure you never miss out on new releases by artists you care about.

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Find music that fits your business.

Finding the right music for your business isn’t easy — that’s why we built the Music Finder, a tool that helps you find the right soundtrack among our huge selection of songs.

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Human curation + streaming analysis.

Our music team comes from various backgrounds. They are professional DJs, marketing and communication experts, radio music programmers, and artists. They have dedicated themselves to creating the next generation of background music.

Hello, meet Amanda.
Artist and music supervisor.
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Music as emotional triggers.

Our music team has deep expertise in music from an emotional perspective. They know exactly which music triggers what specific emotions. In collaboration with some of the world's leading brands, they explore how those brands should sound and analyze how to use music to create emotional connections between brands and its customers.

Made by experts.

You can feel confident that your customers get the market's best music experience. Our music supervisors carefully curate the Soundtracks and Playlists, supported by a number of ongoing academic investigations into background music.


Questions & Answers.

Here's a collection of the most asked questions regarding our music offering.


Can I schedule the music?

Yes, you can schedule your personal playlists with our scheduling tool.

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Can I preview all music before I signup?

Yes, you can preview all our Soundtracks and Playlist for free before signing up, just click the button below:

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Can I search & play specific tracks?

You can’t search for a specific artist or track in a soundtrack or playlist. But you can browse our music by genre and energy level to find the sound that fits your business best.

You can also use the regular Spotify client to play specific tracks. But the regular Spotify client doesn't support all features that Spotify Business provide.

Pricing & Licences

Small or Large Business? What license should I have?

We currently offer two different subscriptions; Small Business and Large Business. The price differs depending on whether you want to use the service in one location or several locations.

Small Business is designed for companies who want to play music in one place, and with a turnover less than 10 million SEK per year.

Large Business suits companies who want to play music in more places, and with a turnover greater than 10 million SEK per year.

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What’s the difference between Spotify Business & Spotify Premium?

Spotify Business is a service for business owners that includes commercial licenses. The license you get with Spotify Premium is for private use and doesn't let you play music in public environments, such as a restaurant or store.

Spotify Business also comes with business-specific features that give you total control of the sound of your brand.

What's included in the fee?

When you play music in your business, you need to think about two different fees. The first fee covers the rights to stream music in a commercial setting. This is included in the fee for Spotify Business.

The second fee covers the public performance right, which you need to pay if you play music from a radio, a CD player, or from a streaming service like ours. This fee is not included in the fee for our service. Contact your country’s collecting society, which represents the public performance rights holders for public performance for more information.

Do I need to continue to pay the licence fee to STIM and SAMI?

Yes. Composers and musicians are paid for the performing rights through their rights organisations, IFPI, STIM, and SAMI.

You need these licenses when you play music in your business, whether if it’s from a CD player, a radio, a TV, or an online streaming service.

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Small Businesses

For small businesses with one location.


per month

Large Businesses

For businesses with multiple locations.


per month & location

Learn more about our product tiers and find out which license your business fit within, please click here.