Brunch Music Playlist


Brunch Music Playlist

Introducing the Brunch With Friends playlist, curated for your restaurant by Soundtrack

439 songs | 28 hours | updated weekly

Bring on the Breakfast

Set the scene for the perfect brunch with the eclectic mix of upbeat songs that the Brunch With Friends playlist has to offer. If your restaurant needs happy brunch music to boost the energy of your breakfast loving customers, then this is likely to be your new playlist of choice. The lively variety of music will appeal to a wide range of diners, so that everyone is kept in good spirits regardless of if they're drinking a morning coffee or a bottomless mimosa!

Weekend Brunch Music

Get the day started with a mix of music genres that are blended even better than your most popular smoothie. With over 430 expertly selected songs, this cafe music playlist offers over 25 hours of brilliant brunch background music.

The Perfect Brunch Playlist

Your staff and customers are sure to enjoy this well-crafted selection of pop, soul, disco and R&B - all in one place. Play the Brunch With Friends playlist and listen to top tracks from artists ranging from Miley Cyrus and Jessie Ware, to Marvin Gaye and Leon Bridges.

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