Pitch your song

Add the following details to pitch your song to our music editors

Spotify Track URI

Copy the Spotify Track URI from the Spotify app. A Spotify share URL (https://open.spotify.com/track/...) will be automatically formatted into the URI format (spotify:track:...).

Make sure your song is available on Soundtrack

To include your music catalog in our service, it would need to be licensed via a third-party aggregator/label for digital distribution (e.g. Amuse, AudioSalad, Believe, CDBaby, Ingrooves, Orchard, Record Union, TuneCore) or through one of the major labels (Universal, Warner, Sony, Merlin).

Furthermore, we use the content fulfillment services of 7Digital, and therefore a requirement is that your catalog is available through 7Digital.

For the publishing rights we hold deals with local collective management organizations (“CMO”) as well as direct deals with the major publishers globally.

In the US we license publishing rights, where available both performance and reproduction rights, directly from publishers. We also license directly with the indie publishers in addition to the performance rights organizations (“PRO”).