Chill Restaurant Music


Chill Restaurant Music

Introducing the Restaurant Chill playlist, curated for your restaurant by Soundtrack

495 songs | 23 hours | updated weekly

Take It Easy

Infuse your restaurant space with a cool, calm, collected atmosphere with this serene selection of music. There are more than 20 hours of peace provided in this one playlist. Get the vibe right by settling your customers into their seats with relaxing dinner music that will radiate unique and easygoing energy. If one of your priorities is to keep things peaceful, then the Restaurant Chill playlist is ideal for you.

Relaxed Restaurant Music

Listening to the Restaurant Chill playlist is an effortless choice to make if you're looking to win over your guests with an individual twist on a laid-back music selection. Go with the flow with this balanced blend of lofi chill pop and jazz tracks. With around 500 easygoing songs at any time, you can create a calm, carefree ambiance at the click of a button.

A Chill Restaurant Playlist

A relaxed range of artists also appear on the Restaurant Chill tracklist, which is updated regularly by music specialists. You can expect to listen to artists such as Engelwood, loficat, Charlie Mac, Cloudchord and Floating Anarchy. A blend of musical genres come together in this playlist to set a serene setting for serving your signature dishes. We recommend that it becomes a regular, just like your customers.

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