Late Night Restaurant Music


Late Night Restaurant Music

Introducing the Late Night Dining playlist, curated for your restaurant by Soundtrack

523 songs | 38 hours | updated weekly

Sundown Sounds

The Soundtrack music curators have produced a late night dinner music playlist with a sensational suite of songs that are suited to an after dark dining scenario. For when the night just does not want to end, the Late Night Dining playlist will keep the relaxed energy flowing until sunrise. This music mixture allows your guests to indulge in mellow vibes and great conversation thanks to the well chosen selection of background beats.

Chill Dinner Music

An unstoppable playlist with 500+ songs will ensure that you deliver effortless lounge and house tracks throughout the night. Complement the evening atmosphere in your restaurant without having to worry what to play next. With around 40 hours of relaxing dining music, you can rest assured that Late Night Dining will still be playing long after your guests have gone home happy. Excellent music all evening, with no DJ required.

Late Night Lounge

This smooth blend of lounge and house music will enhance any evening; setting a sublime scene for a truly memorable night. Your diners can chill out to tunes from artists such as Poolside, Dr. Shemp, Phil Weeks, Bright Sparks and Lux. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

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