Happy Restaurant Music


Happy Restaurant Music

Introducing the Feel-good Dining playlist, curated for your restaurant by Soundtrack

506 songs | 30 hours | updated weekly

Brighten The Atmosphere

If you're looking for a happy restaurant playlist, then you've come to the right place. The Feel-good Dining playlist is guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of your guests. With over 500 different pop music tracks, both your staff and customers can enjoy these hand selected cheerful, easygoing tunes. Feel-good Dining offers an ideal listening choice for any restaurant that aims to enhance a laid back and carefree environment.

Upbeat Restaurant Music

This playlist is packed with songs that will brighten the atmosphere and add to the positive experience of your diners on any day, at any time. If your establishment is in need of excellent acoustic dinner music then Feel-good Dining is sure to become a firm favorite. Listen to more than 30 hours of positive pop, with no repeats.

A Relaxed Pop Playlist

The sunny selection of songs that make up this playlist are positively pop with an acoustic twist, from some of the best loved singer-songwriters that the world has to offer. You can expect to hear music from artists such as Belle & Sebastian, Ray La Montagne, James Bay and Feist in this perky, pleasing playlist. Soundtrack curators regularly infuse playlists with new tunes, so this is a reliable and cheery choice to add your regular music schedule.

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