French Restaurant Music


French Restaurant Music

Introducing the French Bistro playlist, curated for your restaurant by Soundtrack

537 songs | 29 hours | updated weekly

Bon Appétit

Set the scene with romantic restaurant music and take your diners on a journey to the streets of Paris. The French Bistro playlist oozes soulful sophistication, adding an abundance of charm to the atmosphere of your establishment. Play this exquisite selection of jazz at any time when you're looking to add a dash of romance to the dining experience.

French Bistro Music

Soundtrack's music curators have crafted this playlist to add a little 'je ne sais quoi' to your business. With over 530 different songs, The French Bistro playlist provides approximately 30 hours of Paris restaurant music with no duplications whatsoever. Whether you're looking to complement the French cuisine you're serving, or just in need of a little pizazz, this timeless tracklist will certainly add to your restaurant's appeal.

French Restaurant Playlist

This elegant playlist is set to become a new classic. Enchant your diners with an impressive array of jazz from talented musical artists such as Juliette Gréco, Jane Birkin, Carla Bruni and Henri Salvador. Receiving regular updates, the playlist is constantly cultivated with the greatest French songs that are available so that you can select it time and time again.

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