Reach your valued customers with in-store audio messaging at the most important time - when they're in your business location and making a purchase decision.

If you're pushing a promotion, driving downloads or communicating about closing, you can use Soundtrack messaging to seamlessly blend your overhead messaging with your background music.

Ranura de mensajería
Tarjetas de crédito apiladas

Cost effective marketing

Engage your customers with timely and relevant in-store audio advertising at the point of sale. Use overhead messaging to make the most of what they hear and when.

High intent audience

There is no better audience for your in-store audio marketing than those who are already in one of your business locations and are ready to purchase.

How it works

Tipos de mensajes

File upload and text-to-speech

With Soundtrack messaging, creating your overhead messaging is simple. You can upload your own audio messages, jingles or sound effects. If you don’t have files to upload, you can quickly enter the script for your message and we will generate the audio for you.

Mensaje programado

Campaign Scheduling

Organize and schedule your in-store audio marketing to best suit your business and customers. Campaigns allow you to plan exactly when an audio message should play and how often it should repeat throughout the day.

Zonas seleccionadas

Manage Your Zones

Create targeted, relevant overhead messaging by selecting the best locations and zones for your audio message campaigns to play in. You can easily sync the in-store messaging for all of your business locations or customize to best suit your brand.

What's Included?

Unlimited messages

Create as many messages as you need.

Unlimited campaigns

Plan ahead with limitless campaigns.

Unlimited file uploads

Unrestricted .ogg or .mp3 uploads.


9 USD / zone and month

Every zone on your account will be charged for this additional service, even if certain zones won't play messages.

Local currencies and prices are available upon request.



Schedule messages to play at set times or at intervals of 10, 15, 20, 30 or 60 minutes.


Upload pre-recorded audio files or use our text-to-speech functionality to generate your announcement.

Audio formats

Upload pre-recorded audio files in .ogg or .mp3 format with a 5MB limit.

Player compatibility

No additional hardware required - works with all Soundtrack Players. Currently not compatible with Sonos.

Plan availability

Messaging is now available for all Essential and Unlimited plans.