Introducing In-Store Messaging: How Uniqlo Enhanced Their In-Store Customer Communications

Image showing bright red Uniqlo brand sign against a blue sky and brick wall

We were excited to invite one of our longstanding customers, Uniqlo, to trial our brand new overhead messaging feature before its official launch. 

Posted on March 5, 2024

Introducing Seamless Customer Communication with Soundtrack Messaging

Soundtrack messaging is a new easy to use add-on feature that works in harmony with your background music. By using overhead messaging in your business, you can reach your customers directly when they’re already engaging with your brand. 

Whether you want to communicate about closing times, promotions, special offers or any other business news, it’s simple to schedule. Use existing audio messages or use the text-to-speech function to create your own within Soundtrack. 

About Uniqlo, the Remarkable Japanese Fashion Retailer

Clothing company Uniqlo has evolved into an essential brand since their launch in 1949. Uniqlo have become relied upon for their LifeWear: clothing that is created to make everyone’s life better. 

Simple, well designed items from the Japanese brand are often considered to be core wardrobe staples and the 1,000+ Uniqlo stores worldwide are proof of their global success. Their ‘Made For All’ ethos is consistently well-received and attracts a wide customer base.  

Meet Dominique, Project Manager for Front End Operations at Uniqlo 

Dominique Sun is a project manager at Uniqlo Australia, focusing on front end operations for the brand. His role focuses on searching for ways to enhance the operations in-store on a day to day basis, which includes the all-important overhead music. 

“As you know, music plays a huge part in our stores… this is where Soundtrack comes in,” he tells us. “Creating playlists for our customers and also our staff, really sets the mood in-store.”    

Upgrading the In-Store Experience with Soundtrack Messaging

Producing an excellent customer experience is important for so many brands. Dominique explains: “Brand experience is a huge part of our business. It starts from the moment that a customer sets foot in our store. This is why it’s so important to create a great atmosphere”.

“Great customer service is the key. Always smiling and greeting the customers as soon as they walk in. And of course, having great products,” he continues. 

Discovering the Benefits of using Soundtrack Messaging

The Messaging feature has helped us a lot with the store operations side of the business. Of course one of the reasons is making sure that we’re able to communicate with our customers, but the main advantage for us has been helping with store efficiency,” says Dominique. 

Also adding that “being able to have full control of what message or announcement we can relay to customers is huge for those of us working on the operational side of Uniqlo.”

The Ultimate Music Streaming Service for Business

Soundtrack is also relied on to curate how customers perceive a company and when it comes to the in-store audio and overhead music, the most important element for Uniqlo is having a “balance of variety and mood setting music”. 

Dominique uses Soundtrack to set the tone for Uniqlo. When asked about his go-to music choices for the company, he shares that “it’s mostly music that resonates with people, instead of just sticking with the usual upbeat formula. If I had to pick a specific genre then it would definitely be pop music, as people tend to gravitate towards something that they recognise.” 

Uniqlo's Seal of Approval and Future Plans with Soundtrack Messaging

It’s great to hear that we have the Uniqlo seal of approval for Soundtrack and the newly released messaging feature. If you’re wondering if Soundtrack messaging was set to become a permanent feature over at Uniqlo, the resounding answer is… “Yes! We are already in the process of incorporating this into our weekly and monthly operations.” 

Many thanks to Dominique and the team at Uniqlo. 

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