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Our story

We take bad background music personally

That’s why we got into this business. To fix a market that’s been a complete mess. A market with complex licensing deals, cheap commodity music, and legacy providers refusing to innovate. Worst of all, a market where music creators weren’t getting paid fairly.

With our background from Beats and Spotify, we know a thing or two about music and immediately got to work. We built the best, most creative, and without comparison most fun product for background music. Since we had to learn everything about how music and emotions connect, we poured a ton of money into research. And we reformed the licensing landscape, by introducing direct deals with publishers and labels and pioneering a per-stream-based compensation model. To make sure artists and composers get paid accurately.

This is only the beginning. Stay tuned.

Ola Sars, CEO & Founder
Andreas Liffgarden, Chairman & Founder
Joel Brosjö, CXO & Founder

This is our band

We’re the people who build the products that amaze our customers, satisfy their needs, and surpass their expectations.

Alexander Heldt
Software Engineer

Alf Tumble Borgman
Music Manager

Alyne Fajardo
Sales Assistant

Amanda Björkegren
Music Supervisor

Amil Lafih
Site Reliability Engineer

Anders Ewerstein
Business Systems Manager

Andreas Liffgarden
Founder & Chairman

Andreas Pihlström
Creative Director

Arafat Karim
Test Engineer

Areti Goulati
Product Manager

Arnaud Calillot
Online Acquisition Manager

Ben Lewinsky
Sales Operations

Björn Idrén
Head of BI and Analytics

Brian Hirsh
Vice President, North America

Caitlin Sullivan
UX & User Research

Carl Almgren

Carl-Johan Hedström
Director of Live Ops

Christian Ragnarsson
Software Engineer

Christoffer Kindstedt
Deployment Specialist

Clare Nordenson
AP/AR Accountant

Daniel Jensen
Software Engineer

Daniel Shearman
Head of Sales - UK

David Romell
Director, Partner Platforms

David Sernelius
Software Engineer

Erik Midander
Software Engineer

Estelle van Ravestyn
User Researcher

Eveline Martinsson
Office Manager

Filip Moberg
Software Engineer

Fredrik Blomgren
Data Engineer

Fredrik Enestad
Software Engineer

Fredrik Norén
Director of Business Solutions

Fredrik Wärnsberg
Software Engineer

Gabriel Falkenberg
Team Lead

Gohar Avagyan
Product Designer

Gustav Arnetz
Senior Product Designer

Gustav Engström
Software Engineer

Hanna Ashby Öhman
Customer Retention Specialist

Hannah Meiton
Chief Growth Officer

Henrik Björkman
Social Media & Content Specialist

Henrik Engdahl
Senior Product Designer

Henrik Jonhed
Software Engineer

Isabel Kelli Gabardi
Customer Success Representative

Jamie Gutzler
Director of Sales

Jasmine Moradi
Head of Research

Jenny Seth
Music Supervisor

Jens Hansegård
Content Director

Jeremy Rankin
Operations Manager, US

Jimmy Wennlund
Team Lead

Joakim Sjövall
Music Supervisor

Jody McKinley
Managing Director, North America

Joel Broms Brosjö
Founder & CXO

Joel Bylund
UX Designer

Johan Brodin
Software Engineer

Johan Helgius
Accounting Manager

Johan Persson Moverare
Head of Business Control

Johan Strömgren
UX Designer

John Reuterswärd
Software Engineer

Jon Liedberg
Product Manager - Storefront

Julie Herrera
Music Supervisor

Konner Fritz
Sales Development Manager

Linnie Wilton
Software Engineer

Ludwig Severin
Director Business & Legal Affairs

Magnus Rydén
VP Music

Magnus Westling
Software Engineer

Maha F. Mortazavi
Director Business & Legal Affairs

Marawan Abdelhady
Test Lead

Maria Göthlin Kantzel

Martin Tägtström
Product Manager

Matilda Karlsson
Director Business & Legal Affairs

Melvin Valster
Software Engineer

Meysam Majd
Director Of Global Partnerships

Moa Hedman
Customer Success Representative

Niklas Alvarsson
Design Director

Ola Sars
CEO & Founder

Omar Marzouk
Machine Learning Engineer

Oskar Thorin
Software Engineer

Oskar Uddenberg
Team Lead

Patrik Axelsson
VP Product

Paul Stuart
General Counsel

Petter Eek
Software Engineer

Pontus Lindholm
Key Account Manager

Randy Schläger
Music Manager

Rebeca Rodriguez
Customer Success

Richard Hernemyr

Ross Mencarelli
Account Executive

Sabina Täck
Customer Success Team Lead

Sanna Fransson
Director of Customer Success

Sara Gerdbo
Customer Success

Sara Sorino
Customer Success

Sebastian Palmqvist
Analytics Manager

Sofia Gustafsson
Senior Accountant

Sofia Isendor
Customer Success Representative

Stefan Kragh
Music Manager

Susanne Kjellgren
Global Accounts Receivable Accountant

Sven Widén
Software Engineer

Tobias Duin
Software Engineer

Ulf Hammarqvist
Software Engineer

Victor Hallberg
Software Engineer

Weidong Lian
Software Engineer