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Our Story

Soundtrack Your Brand was founded by Andreas Liffgarden and me in 2013. Both of us are music entrepreneurs, and with Soundtrack Your Brand, we set out to grow the global music market by re-shaping the business-to-business music space.

Our idea is simple: Apply frontline tech and know-how to change how brands and businesses use digitally distributed music on a global scale. With this as our starting point, we pursued a partnership with Spotify.

At Soundtrack Your Brand, we're passionate about the music industry and the people that contribute to its progress. We love music and the artists that create it. We pour our hearts and souls into our vision of growing the market and thereby supporting artists so that they, in turn, will bring more killer music to both fans and brands.

Ola Sars
CEO & Founder

This is our band.

We're a focused and committed company. All of us are part of building the products that amaze our customers, satisfy their needs, and surpass their expectations. Every member of our team is a vital part of our product design process, and we consist of 50 passionate high performers working from Stockholm.

Music for every business.

Available in Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

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Available in the rest of the world.

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