Our story

Just press play

Just press play is our ambition to make it easier for our customers to play better music. We now have more music that’s easier to play than ever before, and our commitment remains as strong as ever.

Just press play means we’ve made ease of use our top priority. And by signing more and more direct deals with labels like Sony Music, Merlin, Beggars, and Warner Music, we’re giving our customers a broader range of music every day.

We want to offer the world’s best music for businesses at a fair price. A price that’s fair to our customers and fair to the music makers.

Ola Sars, CEO & Founder
Andreas Liffgarden, Founder
Joel Brosjö, CXO & Founder

This is our band

We’re the people who build the products that amaze our customers, satisfy their needs, and surpass their expectations.

Alf Tumble Borgman
Music Manager

Amanda Björkegren
Music Supervisor

Amil Lafih
Site Reliability Engineer

Caitlin Sullivan
UX & User Research

Carl Almgren

Christian Ragnarsson
Software Engineer

Erik Midander
Software Engineer

Filip Moberg
Software Engineer

Fredrik Blomgren
Data Engineer

Fredrik Enestad
Software Engineer

Fredrik Norén
Director of Business Solutions

Fredrik Wärnsberg
Software Engineer

Gabriel Falkenberg
Team Lead

Gustav Engström
Software Engineer

Henrik Björkman
Social Media & Content Specialist

Isabel Kelli Gabardi
Customer Success Representative

Jenny Seth
Music Supervisor

Joakim Sjövall
Music Supervisor

Joel Bylund
UX Designer

Johan Brodin
Software Engineer

John Reuterswärd
Software Engineer

Ludwig Severin
Director Business & Legal Affairs

Magnus Rydén
VP Music

Marawan Abdelhady
Test Lead

Maria Göthlin Kantzel

Melvin Valster
Software Engineer

Moa Hedman
Customer Success Representative

Ola Sars
CEO & Founder

Omar Marzouk
Machine Learning Engineer

Oskar Thorin
Software Engineer

Oskar Uddenberg
VP of Engineering

Patrik Axelsson
VP Product

Paul Stuart
General Counsel

Petter Eek
Software Engineer

Sabina Täck
Customer Success Team Lead

Sebastian Palmqvist
Analytics Manager

Sofia Gustafsson
Senior Accountant

Stefan Kragh
Music Manager

Susanne Kjellgren
Global Accounts Receivable Accountant

Sven Widén
Software Engineer

Tobias Duin
Software Engineer

Victor Hallberg
Software Engineer

Weidong Lian
Software Engineer