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Background music that doesn’t suck

40 million tracks to play with—licensed for business

Afrobeats Bash

West African pop and R&B amalgamations

Amped Up EDM

Collision course dance destroyers

Crystal Ball Indie

State of the art pop on untrodden paths

Next Gen Hip Hop

Regional and indie rap about to blow

Warm Weather Reggae

Cruise control in the Caribbean

Solid Soul

Sweet soul ballads from the golden era

Strumming in the Sun

Uplifting songs buoyed by guitars

Tropical Bungalow

Tropical house music playing in the cabana

Uptown Jazz

Refined moments from jazz history to today

Wired R&B

Modern R&B with an alternative feel

Country In The Outback

Rustic feeling created by country music


Easy-going new pop

At Ease House

Lounge music renewed for modernity

Trap Toons

Electrifying slow motion EDM

Rock Out Feel Good

Six decades of uplifting rock

Infinite streams of music, created and updated by experts

Pick and play

Choose from hundreds of soundtracks and find ones that fit the vibe of your business

Or create your own

Tell us what you like and get a unique soundtrack in seconds

Tweak it your way

Import Spotify playlists

Turn a playlist into a soundtrack. We automatically add hundreds of songs that match.

Explicit lyrics filter

Family-friendly business? Block songs with inappropriate lyrics


Plan your music to fit different moods of the day and week

Visionaries that use music to stand out from the crowd

sound off

Limited offer—50% off


Monthly per location for 6 months
After that regular price ($26.99) (£26.99) ($24.99) ($14.99) ($26.99)

monthly per location

try for free
  • licensed and legit
  • 300+ ready-made soundtracks
  • create customized soundtracks
  • import Spotify playlists
  • schedule music
  • explicit-lyrics filter
  • and lots more

Offer valid for new customers only. Offer expires November 30th.
Cancel any time. We reserve the right to extend this offer.