Apps and hardware

Play Soundtrack however works best for you, with free apps and optional hardware.

Soundtrack Player App

Play and manage the music right from your phone, tablet, PC or Mac with a free, easy-to-use app. Required unless using the Soundtrack Player Hardware or Sonos.

Download the app for free:

player connected

Soundtrack Player

Keep staff focused on your customers and the music playing even when the internet goes out. Optional hardware for customers that don't want to use phones, laptops or computers to stream Soundtrack.

  • Streams music with no phone, tablet or computer required

  • Stores up to 400 hours of music for offline play (offline play only available with Soundtrack Unlimited)

  • Uses the web interface so you can find and schedule music from anywhere

  • Remote control with the Soundtrack Player app to let your staff respond to the moment

  • Updates automatically to the latest software version with no work needed

Soundtrack for Sonos


Stream Soundtrack directly from your Sonos controller.

  • Play Soundtrack directly from your Sonos app by adding the Soundtrack Player to your Sonos controller

  • Simplify the experience for staff with features like picking from Soundtrack playlists, playing and pausing, and songs in playlists are automatically shuffled to keep the music fresh

WiiM Audio Streamer

Keep your business clear of trailing cables with an optional upgrade to wireless music streaming. Add a WiiM device to your existing sound system for a smooth experience streaming from Soundtrack.

  • Quick to set up and get connected using the Wiim app

  • Excellent audio quality that your customers and colleagues will appreciate

  • Get the perfect playback by tailoring the sound to suit your space

  • Control the music wherever you are with Soundtrack web and apps