Take our tech to another level

Our free to use API lets developers build on top of the Soundtrack experience with display, control and monitoring apps, whatever your business needs. Here you'll find a little inspiration and all the documentation to get started.

Display apps

Visualize your sounds

Why not let staff instantly share what's playing, or add artist names to receipts? API integration lets you display what's currently playing from a Soundtrack account, so anyone can take the music home.

Control apps

Add some automation

Changing playlists based on the weather, or adapting the volume when you're busiest? Build automation so staff can focus on serving guests, with things like playback controls and sliders to adjust the energy.

Monitoring apps

Bring insights to life

List overviews for user access, or software versions for different players? Simplify your operations and store support by adding insights from your account and connected Soundtrack apps to your existing systems.

How have others used our API?

McDonald’s Sweden

McDonald’s Sweden and BeatQuiz got creative with our API to create a quiz based on the music playing in store. Fun, competitive ways to keep guests engaged.


18|89 built customized screens for guests to see the music being played, Spotify integrations letting people search and save tracks in their own account, and created an energy slider function for their staff to use to change things up on the go.

Get started

The developer docs have all the details you need to start using the Soundtrack API, and you can apply for the token here.