Give customers the complete music package

Keep them covered with the largest music catalog, all licensed for business. It’s easy to set up and simple to manage, with support and flexible commission options.

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Our first steps together

apply to join

Sign up

The first step in becoming a partner is a simple form that only takes a couple of minutes.

get onboarded

Get onboarded

You will get an introduction video, a brief assessment, and the chance to meet with our onboarding team.

your approval

Get approved

After the onboarding, we'll make sure you have access to everything you need to get started.

Made for business

Playback on demand

Licensing to play tracks immediately without queuing

Ready-made music

Curated playlists designed for business refreshed every week


Your customers can plan ahead with daily or weekly schedules

Explicit filters

Block any explicit content from playlists to stay family-friendly

Central control

Manage multiple locations and control what’s playing in different zones

Access control

Control user rights for anyone connected to an account


How our commission works

When your customers sign up and pay for our service themselves, you’ll receive 10% of their subscription fee in commission every month.

If you’d rather pay for your customers’ subscriptions and bill them, you can arrange to receive a 10% discount instead.

Setup to stream

Simple and reliable installations let you focus on your core business.

Player apps

We provide apps for tablets, smart phones, PC and Mac. Sometimes it can be as simple as that.

Hardware audio players

Setting up is easy. Use our dedicated hardware player or go with one from our audio hardware partners.

Music control

Music is usually controlled online or from our apps. Our API also supports building custom control interfaces.

setup ot stream

"One of the best features of SYB is its simplicity for Installation. With only a network connection and RCA output, it's so straightforward you could send it to a client directly to install.

From a support standpoint, working with SYB has been an absolute dream, allowing us to focus less on technical issues and more on our core business."

Alex Fortin, DSCE | President
NovMega Digital Solutions
Vancover, Canada

Music management

Brand fit music at scale - curated and supervised by you.

Business playlists

Get a head start with over 1,000 playlists tailored for business use by the Soundtrack music team.

Spotify sync

Sync playlists from Spotify with drag-and-drop ease. With Soundtrack, your playlists are legal for business use.

Schedule in advance

Design daily or weekly schedules. Mix music up, or choose exactly what to play around the clock.

music management

"To be honest, there is not really an alternative for curators. It is the only legal service where you can play music on demand, and it's connected to Spotify. What else do you need?"

Zoë Burnard
Founder of the Music Architect
Zürich, Switzerland

More ways to partner up

Because we are better together.

SDK & API Intergrations

Use our SDK or API to integrate with your players and controls - and bring our licensed catalog to your offering.


From selling our hardware player to recommending Soundtrack to your customers, you can become a distribution partner in a range of ways.


If you have another idea for how you’d like to partner with us, we’d love to hear from you.


Dedicated hardware

We make our own hardware player for clients looking to keep things simple. It’s ideal for offline play and bringing more access control to a business, as well as providing top-class audio quality.

licensed for business

Licensed for business use

Playing music in a business means licenses for on-demand playback, storage, and public performance. Give your clients freedom in their venue with a licensed catalog and full music control, and only public performance licensing to do themselves.


Committed to your support

Every business we work with has helpful, human assistance from first response to full resolution. We’ll make sure you’ve got everything you need to onboard with our products, and we’ll be there to get your clients set up too.