Strike a
power chord
with our add-ons

Just can't get enough? Get even more out of Soundtrack with these additional features and services.

partner page
Messaging slot


Engage your customers with relevant and timely audio messages. Upload audio files or use text-to-speech.

Schedule campaigns and manage messages - where they are played and when.

Curation schedule and playlist


Your business deserves to sound its best.
Let our music experts craft the soundtrack of your brand.

Our music curators define your brand sound and create the Soundtrack of your brand - complete with day parted playlists and a schedule.

Signing into computer

Single sign-on

Improve the security and convenience of your IT infrastructure with our SAML-based SSO.

Implement compliance requirements such as two-factor authentication to elevate your security.

Soundtrack Player


Our worry-free and tamper-proof music player made for business.

Remote control through the web and mobile apps. The 16 GB internal memory stores up to two weeks of music.