Best music for hotels

Find the perfect music for your guests in the world's largest commercial catalog.

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  • 100 million songs licensed for hotels

    100 million songs licensed for hotels

    The most music for the best playlists. Create your own or pick from 1,000+.

  • Scheduling and other business features

    10%+ potential sales increase

    10%+ potential sales increase

    Read how businesses like yours used Soundtrack to blow past targets.

  • Scheduling and other business features

    Scheduling and other business features

    So you can focus on the hotel and the guests, not managing the music.

Music sets the tone for the whole stay

Welcome your guests

Tired travelers enter an oasis the moment they set foot in your lobby. Relaxing music greets them, music that complements the architecture and design elements surrounding them and reflects the unique character of your hotel.

Complement each space

The lobby has one vibe, the restaurant another, the bar its own, and the pool yet another, and the music is tailored to each. Playlists are always on-brand and scheduled in advance to fit the time of day, holidays, and special occasions.

Manage everything from the same place

You control the music for all of the different areas within your hotel and all locations from a single web interface. Customers enjoy a seamless, consistent experience wherever they are, and leave with a clear picture of the hotel they’ll want to return to.

Your guests care about the music. So should you.


notice the background music in hotels


think it’s important for a hotel to play music they like


stay longer in a business when they like the music

MRC Data (formerly Nielsen Music), September 2021. Background Music: the Untapped Promotional Avenue for Music.

Read the studies here

Most popular music for hotels

“It works - it is flexible, it is easy to use, simple to deploy, wide range of functionality. Love the scheduling & the channels of music 🎵”

Sid Spanos, IT / AV Manager
Clarion Hotel Sign
Stockholm, Sweden

“I’m not a tech person or a savvy computer literate, but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to navigate, select songs, create playlists, etc.”

Mayflower Park Hotel
Seattle, United States

“With Soundtrack we are able to curate on a local level, but on a global scale.”

Nick Parmar, Senior Director at W Hotels, Los Angeles, US

“Plug in and forget, works 100% of the time, wide variety of music, love the preset stations of music”

Sid Spanos,
Clarion Hotel Sign
Stockholm, Sweden

“I like the variety of the playlists and music. Especially themed playlists such as lounge, French bistro, café, and so on. You simply find what you want to listen to. Also, adjusting the music according to the age of the guests.”

Tony Berg
Hotel Valluga

"Amazing customer service. The team is great to work with and quick to respond. Douglas is a great company rep also! Thank you for the wonderful service!"

Stephanie McCombs
McMenamins Inc
Bend, OR, United States

Play only the music you want with tools that make it easy

Whether you love to put together playlists or you’d rather leave the work to someone else, it's easy to find the right background music for your hotel.

You get more songs than even many personal streaming services offer, and unlike our competitors, you can play any of them. And they're all legal for your hotel.

Soundtrack works the same for boutique hotels and chains—you control all the music from the same place.

    • Search by song or artist to create playlists from over 100 million songs

    • Add or remove songs from Soundtrack playlists to make them your own

    • Import any Spotify playlist and legally play it in your hotel

    • Pick from more than 560 Soundtrack playlists, with dozens designed for hotels.

    • Type a name and get a playlist based on that artist – it’s that simple.

    • Click on mood words and genres to create custom stations for your hotel

    • Schedule in advance with drag-and-drop simplicity

    • Keep your hotel family-friendly with the optional explicit-lyrics filter

    • Log in from anywhere to see and control what’s playing

Features overview




Thousands of playlists and stations. It's licensed music for your business made easy.


  • Licenses for business use

  • 1,000+ Soundtrack playlists

  • Thousands of artist playlists

  • Custom stations built for your brand

  • Drag-and-drop scheduling

  • Explicit lyric filter

/ per zone and month

Try Soundtrack risk-free for 14 days.

No credit card required.



Play whatever, whenever, legally. Make your own playlists from any songs in the catalog.

Everything in Essential plus:

  • Play exactly what you want

    Take any songs from our massive catalog and turn them into playlists

  • Save time by editing what’s already there

    Add or remove songs from the 1,000+ ready-made playlists to make them yours

  • Make your Spotify playlists legal

    Just drag them into the app to legally play them in your business

  • Play offline

    Licenses to store and play music offline

/ per zone and month

Try Soundtrack risk-free for 14 days.

No credit card required.



Support and service designed for businesses with 20 or more zones.

Everything in Essential or Unlimited plus:

  • Assisted onboarding

  • Priority support

  • Billing options

  • Dedicated account manager

  • SAML / SSO

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