Perfect Your
Brand Sound with
Music Curation

Your business deserves to sound its best.
Let our music experts craft the soundtrack of your brand.

Curation schedule and playlists
Planning curation

Insight Driven Strategy

Our method for curation is based on the latest research on music psychology and branding. We then combine these learnings with our vast experience of curating music for some of the world's largest brands.

Vinyl records

Powered by AI
and Human Curation

We hand pick the music that will best represent your brand, then enhance our selections with the latest tools and technologies.

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Proven Results

Your brand sound is created by our expert music team using a scientifically proven method that will improve customer attitudes, increase sales and enhance your brand image.

Our Step by Step Method for Creating Your Soundtrack

Brand sound tags

1. Brand Sound Creation

During a workshop between you and our music team, we begin to define your brand sound. We will analyze your brand personality, customer demographics and the context of your business such as opening hours, variations in trading patterns and desired consumer behaviors.


2. Music Validation

Our experts will deliver a list of songs that represents and strengthens your brand sound. You will get to approve this tracklist before we proceed.

Playlists and schedule

3. Soundtrack Expansion

Our music curators will then expand your brand sound into a complete Soundtrack. This will include day parted playlists as well as a music schedule.

Monthly updates

4. Monthly Updates

Our experts will continue to curate your Soundtrack. To ensure that your brand sound is always fresh, we will update on a monthly basis to prevent listening fatigue amongst your staff and customers.

What's Included?

600 Songs

Curated music to last a working week (approx. 40 hours) without repeats

Regular Updates

10% of songs are replaced monthly to maintain your brand sound

Music Schedule

A selection of day-parted playlists with various energy levels or music styles


First-time setup fee: 
Recurring updates:
$500 per month

Local currencies and prices are available upon request.