your brand with
music curation

Your business deserves to sound its best.
Let our music experts craft the soundtrack of your brand.

Curation schedule and playlists
Planning curation

Insights-driven method

Our method for curation is based on the latest research on music psychology and branding, combined with our vast experience of curating for some of the world's largest brands.

Vinyl records

Powered by AI 
and human curation

We hand-pick the music that sings your brand, backed by modern tools and technologies.

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For proven results

Your Soundtrack is created using a scientifically proven method to improve customer attitudes, increase sales, and enhance brand image.

Our step-by-step method 
for creating your Soundtrack

Brand sound tags

1. Brand sound creation

In a workshop together with you we define your brand sound by analyzing your brand’s personality, your customer’s demographics, and your business's contexts such as opening hours, variations in trading patterns, and desired consumer behaviors.


2. Brand sound validation

We deliver a list of songs which summarizes and exemplifies your brand sound. You get to sign off on this before we proceed.

Playlists and schedule

3. Soundtrack curation

Our music curators expand your brand sound into a Soundtrack - complete with day parted playlists and a schedule.

Monthly updates

4. Monthly updates

We keep curating your Soundtrack to ensure it sounds fresh and to prevent listening fatigue among your staff and regulars.

This is included

600 songs

Hand-picked music to last a work week, or roughly 40 hours, without repeating


10% of songs are replaced monthly out of love for your staff and regulars


Dayparted playlists with differing energy levels or music styles


First-time setup fee: 
Recurring monthly updates:
$500 per month

More currency options are available upon request.