AI Playlist Generator

Introducing the world's first custom playlist generator with AI assistance.

AI Playlists Tailored for Business

Instantly create bespoke music playlists suited to your business needs.

Whether you're looking to set the mood, create a specific atmosphere or target a particular audience, Soundtrack’s AI Playlist Generator is the perfect curation assistant. 

Simply type a short description of the scenario and our AI will generate a playlist that matches your input.

Playlist Creation with AI

Easy and Reliable

AI-driven music discovery is quick and simple to use. If you need 'pop hits for a pizza restaurant' or 'soundtrack for a sophisticated hotel,' the AI Playlist Generator has you covered.

Instant Results

Within seconds, you'll get a custom music experience for any setting or event. The perfect feature to save time when planning your music, or if a short notice event comes your way. 

Freedom to Edit

Rename your generated playlist and revise the hours of songs however you'd like. It's quick to amend, leaving you with plenty of time to focus on other areas of your business.

AI at Soundtrack

AI at Soundtrack

“Combining Soundtrack’s decade of music intelligence with recent advances in AI, we’ve unleashed a new generation of music recommendation and curation tools. It pushes the boundaries of what's possible; and we're just getting started."

- Omar Marzouk, VP Music Experience at Soundtrack Your Brand

How the AI Playlist Generator Works

Smarter, faster, effortless AI-driven music discovery.

A Large Language Model (LLM) is used to transform your input into structured data. The data is processed and blended with our reliable music intelligence, developed over many years.

Soundtrack's recommendation engine searches through our music database which holds over 100 million songs.

A customized music playlist is delivered. Ready to edit, save and play instantly.

From February 2024, AI-assisted music playlist creation is available worldwide to all Soundtrack users on the Unlimited plan at no additional cost.