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Our assisted sales experts help larger business get set up with a Soundtrack plan. When you need more coverage and centralized music control across all your sites, we can help.

For businesses with 1-5 zones

Zones are independent music streams playing from one device only, like your computer, phone or tablet. If you only need a few and aren’t ready for the free trial just yet, let Cassie walk you through zones, subscriptions, discovering and scheduling music, and what the Soundtrack platform looks like on the inside. For even more help and assistance, contact our support team.

For businesses with 6+ zones

Let’s chat! Choose an option below and find a calendar spot that works. We’ll help you with any questions, setting up your subscription and the initial onboard, and with any resources you need to pass back to your team.

Can’t find a time?

Just drop our sales team a message through the website. We’ll try to get back to you within one working day.