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Features overview

Easy ways to find and play the music that works best for your business

Create playlists from scratch
Search by song or artist to find exactly the music you want, customize playlists created by experts, or import them from Spotify
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Instant music
Play any of the 560+ ready-made playlists or thousands of possible artist stations, or use AI to find the sound of your brand
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Smart tools
No more surprises: drag-and-drop scheduling, an explicit-lyrics filter, and an app that helps staff respond to the moment
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Create playlists

Is wanting to play only the music you want too much to ask? Of course not. Soundtrack is the only music service for businesses that lets you create your own playlists exactly how you want them. Because you know your audience best.

Create playlists from scratch

by searching for a song or artist

Search for music like you're used to. Type in the name of an artist or a particular song—it just makes sense.

Edit a ready-made playlist

Here's a great way to save time: start with a ready-made playlist and add songs to make it longer or remove songs you're not thrilled with. In just a couple of minutes, you have a customized playlist with dozens of hours of music.

Import a Spotify playlist

Are you a Spotify user who already has playlists that will work in your business? Import them in seconds, and they're licensed and legal.

create a licensed playlist today

Instant music

You'd rather focus on running your business than spend time crafting playlists? We get it. Soundtrack's experts and AI give you three ways to find music that works, in seconds.

560+ playlists

curated by experts

Organized around a music genre or theme, each playlist provides dozens of hours of music and contains a balanced mix of hits and lesser-known songs to generate the maximum benefit to your business.

Artist stations

It doesn't get easier than this. Type in a name to get an AI-generated station of songs by that artist and artists producing similar music. It's like your favorite musicians suddenly recorded more albums at the click of a button.

AI-generated stations

from sound tags

The background music you play should complement the values and vibe of your business. Click on mood, energy, and genre tags and the AI instantly produces a station to match your choices—music made to order.

hear your business for the first time

Smart tools

Finding the right music is the first step, but it needs to be easy to play. These three tools make sure that the music plays when and how you want, with no surprises.

Drag-and-drop scheduling

Schedule in advance to make sure that the right songs are playing when and where they should be. Drag and drop playlists into the calendar to meet business hours, expected rush times, holidays, and more, down to the quarter hour.

Explicit-lyrics filter

Keep your business family-friendly with the flick of a switch. Our explicit-lyrics filter makes sure that inappropriate content never destroys the ambiance—no need to hear the song first and react to a nasty surprise.

The Remote App

helps staff respond to the moment and engage with customers

Staff can adjust the volume to fit the number of customers in the business, skip a song that isn't going over well, and even share a song with a customer for that extra touch.

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Your account

Manage everything from anywhere. The web interface lets you find and schedule music for all of your locations. Staff can help when you add them to the account.

All the features from the start

Get access to Soundtrack's features the moment you sign up. You can browse the ready-made playlists, start building your own, or discover your brand sound with the help of AI. All of the administration—your mission control—is handled online.

Delegating made easy

Add users by entering their emails and decide how much control to give them. Maybe you want staff to be able to control the volume but not choose the music? Or let someone else create the perfect playlist? Simple.

Zones and locations

Have more than one location you want to play music in? Your single account can manage them all, accommodating multiple locations or zones within a location.

Your free trial lets you stream music to one zone associated with the business address you provide when signing up. This means that you can stream any of the songs, playlists, and stations available from Soundtrack's huge catalog, but you can't play multiple streams of music at the same time in the same location. You'll need to add more zones to do that.

Why have multiple streams going at once? It's a good idea if your business has separate areas with distinct environments. Consider the lobby, pool, restaurant, and bar of a hotel, or a restaurant with a bar that has a different mood than the dining area. It's more effective to stream music tailored to the different clientele and goals of each area.

Each location needs at least one zone. So, if you have businesses at different addresses and want to play the same music at both, it's easy to do that, but you still need two zones.

Remember, you control and schedule the music for all of your zones and locations from the same online interface. This way, you always know what's playing.

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Music licensing

Music licensing is a complex topic, and navigating it is usually stressful and expensive. We make it simple and save you money.

Personal vs. business streaming

You probably know that you can't use a personal streaming service to play background music in your business. Why not?

Playing music in a business is fundamentally different from listening to it in your house, like a theater playing a movie for customers is different from you watching a movie at home. The former is about profit, the latter about personal recreation. And background music is generally used to help achieve business goals, so it requires different licenses.

Using a personal streaming service, like Spotify, is a bad idea. Getting caught means hefty fines. Music labels and other rights organizations (and the law) treat unlicensed streaming as theft and go after violators.

So, using a background service with licensed music lets you do the right thing and spares you stress. But what if you could find a background music service that functioned like a personal service and had a music catalog just as big? And what if it also came with a tool box full of features to help you achieve your business goals? Then you'd get an incredible return on a small investment.

You're fully licensed and saving money

Quite a few licenses are required to play a song in a business. But to simplify things, we can divide them into two groups. First, you need performance and reproduction licenses that cover business use and the song's composition, lyrics, and particular sound recording. Next, you need a public performance license to actually play that song in your business. In the US, ASCAP and BMI are the major performance rights organizations (PROs) you have to go through, and in Canada, they're ReSound and SOCAN.

Lucky for you, Soundtrack takes care of it all. Not only are you fully licensed, but public performance rights fees are included in the subscription price at a serious discount.

We bring you most of the way there

Quite a few licenses are required to play a song in a business. But to simplify things, we can divide them into two groups. First, you need performance and reproduction licenses that cover business use and the song's composition, lyrics, and particular sound recording. Soundtrack takes care of these.

You also need public performance licenses to play that song in your business. Each country has its own performance rights organizations (PROs) that you need to contact, which base their fees on characteristics of your business such as floor space, expected customer traffic, and number of speakers. You can find the contact information for your local PROs here.

Performance and Reproduction

business licenses


Public performance

business license


Contact your local PRO

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Frequently asked questions

Does my subscription work for multiple locations?

Yes, when you purchase additional zones. Each business address needs at least one zone—where the music will play. You need multiple zones to play music at different addresses or to play different playlists in a single location at the same time. It's easy to add more zones when logged in to your Soundtrack account.

Can I play more than one stream at the same time in my business?

Yes, but you’ll need to purchase an additional zone for each independent music stream, and each business address requires at least one zone. The music for all locations and zones is controlled from your online account settings.

Can more than one person use my account?

Yes. You can invite as many users to the account as you want and set account permissions for each user.

What happens when my free trial ends?

Your card will be charged either the monthly or annual fee, plus tax, depending on the plan you select. This charge recurs every 30 days if on a monthly payment plan, or every 365 days if on a yearly payment plan.

What happens if I cancel my subscription during my free trial?

Your trial is completely risk-free. Once you cancel, you can keep using the service for the remainder of your trial period. You will not be charged the monthly or yearly fee, depending on the payment plan you selected, when it ends. You can always change your mind and resume your subscription later.

What happens if I cancel my subscription after my free trial?

You can continue to use the service through the remainder of the payment period. At the end of the payment period, either the month or year, depending on the payment plan you selected, you will no longer have access to the service. You will not be charged for the upcoming payment period or any future payment periods.

Does the annual payment plan require monthly payments or one annual payment?

The annual payment plan requires one annual payment at the end of the free trial and every 365 days thereafter.

Can I change from monthly to annual payments after I’ve started my trial?

Yes, by contacting [email protected] to request the change. Once changed, your new annual payment period will begin at the end of your monthly payment period, when you will be billed the annual rate plus tax for the upcoming period, with the charge recurring annually. The service will continue to run without interruption.

Can I change from annual to monthly payments after I’ve started my trial?

Yes, by contacting [email protected] to request the change. Once changed, your new monthly payment period will occur after your yearly payment period has concluded. On that date, your subscription will convert to a monthly plan and you will be charged the monthly fee plus tax, with the charge recurring monthly. The service will continue to run without interruption.

What payment methods are accepted?

Credit and debit cards payments are acceptable for all customers. Invoicing is available for those customers paying for 20 or more zones. Contact Sales to discuss invoicing options.

Does my Soundtrack subscription give me all the licenses I need to play background music in my business?

Yes! Your Soundtrack subscription provides all the licenses you need to play background music in your business, with few exceptions. Learn more about these here.

Soundtrack provides all of the performance and reproduction licenses that cover business use and the song's composition, lyrics, and particular sound recording. But you will need to contact your local performance rights organization(s) (PROs) to secure the relevant additional public performance licenses. You can find the contact information for your locals PROs here.

Can I use Soundtrack to play music on my website?

Unfortunately not—Soundtrack only provides background music for physical establishments. This means that Soundtrack can’t be used for online videos, radio, live-streaming or social media posts, either.

Can I use Soundtrack to play music in my gym?

Yes, you can use Soundtrack to play background music in the main training areas, lobby, locker room, and any common areas. However, music used as a primary feature in an exercise class requires special licenses. Learn more about this exception here.

Can I use Soundtrack in a DJ set or other live music performance?

Unfortunately not. Soundtrack can only be used for background music. Live music and music played in establishments where customers pay an entry fee require additional licenses. Learn more about this exception here.