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Playback on demand

Licensing to play tracks immediately without queuing

Ready-made music

Curated playlists designed for business refreshed every week


Your customers can plan ahead with daily or weekly schedules

Explicit filters

Block any explicit content from playlists to stay family friendly

Central control

Manage multiple locations and control what’s playing in different zones

Access control

Control user rights for anyone connected to an account


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We know what a busy day can look like when running a business. That's why we're here to meet you up and personally help you get Soundtrack Your Brand running in your business.

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Brand fit music

Increase sales by up to 10% with the right brand sound. Music matters.

Playlists for all business types

We've got you covered with ready-mades that are brand fit by design for all types of businesses out there.

Music catalog

The world's largest catalog for businesses, at your fingertips. You can play whatever sound you want.

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"Y'all always go above and beyond and we appreciate you!! The music is perfect for our business as well!"

Austin, Texas

licensed for business

It’s 100% fully licensed music

Playing music in a business means licenses for public performance & the music service itself. We give the freedom to your Austin venues with a fully licensed catalog and full music control, no extra licenses are normally needed as we include ASCAP, BMI & GMR. We might even save you dollars on your existing licensing setup. Contact us and we will explain more.


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We love seeing our customer succeed and realise the value of music in their business. Our representatives are ready to meet you wherever you are and get you started. We love the sound of brand fit music. Music in your business matters, and we're here to make it simple for you and your business.