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Music for your bar

The simplest way to manage music for bars
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Background music for bars

Complete control

Instantly control the music across as many of your bars as you need, and which of your staff have access.

Increase sales

Research shows that playing the right music in bars & pubs can increase sales by +9%.

Offline playback

Play music with our player apps which cache music in case your internet connection goes down.

Music for bars made easy

Soundtrack makes it easy for you to play the right music in your bar, giving you more time to focus on what makes your brand unique.

Explore some of our most popular soundtracks designed for bars

Happy Hour Special

Mainstream hits of all genres and eras

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Craft Beer Rock

Indie and rock with bursts of guitar

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Rowdy Road House Rock

American styled outback bar rock

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All American Alternative

The best US alternative rock

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Pre Party Grooves

Cool beats at the hip bar

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Old Fashioned Jazz

Mellow old jazz for seasoned bars

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Baile Latino

EDM, Pop, Reggaeton, Rock, Salsa

explore soundtrack

Turn Up At Ten

Sensuous R&B and sizzling hip hop

explore soundtrack

Afrobeats Emerge

African dance R&B takes the crown

explore soundtrack

R&B Juice

Three decades of mainstream R&B

explore soundtrack

Mellow Moments

Chill hop and other relaxed beats

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Avanza Reggaeton

From Panama and Puerto Rico to the world

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Tropical Bungalow

Tropical house music playing in the cabana

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Rock Or Rave

Upbeat sportsbar bangers

explore soundtrack

Soul Rock Junction

Rocking soul meshed with soulful rock

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Complete control

Take control and play the right music for your guests to create the perfect bar experience. Soundtrack gives you industry-leading tools and expert-curated music to grow your bar and delight your guests. All you need is a WiFi connection, speakers, and a mobile device. No custom or upfront hardware investment needed.

Schedule the music for your bars

Now you can schedule our readymade music for bars to create different moods for your customers throughout the day.

Play the right music, with minimal effort.

Find the perfect mix of music for your bar and guests.
We have hundreds of ready-to-play soundtracks and playlists made by our expert curators, perfect for bars, pubs, wineries and independent breweries.

“If you hear a song that doesn’t fit, you can really hear that. But if the music works then you mostly won’t even notice.”

Linus Mannerfors
Manager at Boule bar

  • schedule your music
  • 300+ ready-made soundtracks
  • create customized soundtracks
  • turn Spotify playlists into soundtracks
  • explicit-lyrics filter
  • licensed and legit


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