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Background music for cafes

Just press play

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No expertise needed

Play music that fits your cafe. All you need to know is what mood you want to set.

Save time

We’ve built tools that make it easy to manage music. So you can focus on your guests.

Licensed for cafes

Soundtrack comes with all the licenses you need to play music in your cafe or coffee shop.


Music made easy

What’s the difference between soundtracks and playlists?

Soundtracks work like your cafe’s own personalized radio stations. You control the music depending on the mood you want. Soundtrack does the rest. All soundtracks update automatically, adding new songs that fit the vibe of your choice. Skip songs you don’t like and tweak the mood as you go.

Two ways of playing soundtracks in your cafe

Create your own custom soundtracks based on genre, energy level or mood. You can also create soundtracks based on your Spotify playlists.

Discover our ready-made soundtracks. Created by our music experts to fit any type of coffee shop or mood.

Sample the menu

Explore some of our most played soundtracks in cafes

Cozy Cappuccino

Smooth blend of soulful voices at the café

explore soundtrack

Ed Sheeran soundtrack

Featuring artists: John Mayer, Bruno Mars, George Ezra and many more

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Afternoon Tea Jazz

Old style tea time to jazz

explore soundtrack

Schedule music

Timing is everything

Breezy breakfast or busy brunch? The Soundtrack scheduling tool makes it easy to perfectly match the vibe/energy to the daypart.

Licensed for cafes

Skip the hassle, save big bucks

Licensed for business

Unlike consumer services, like Spotify and Apple music, Soundtrack is fully licensed for streaming music in your cafe or coffee shop. In the US and Canada, public performance fees like ASCAP, BMI and SOCAN are included.

Paying ASCAP & BMI seperately?

Save money by paying a bundle price that includes all fees. One simple invoice for your office. Zero hassle. If you have one cafe with a max capacity of 100 guests, you’ll save $426 per year. Learn more

The Soundtrack of Sendero Coffee

“You don't need to think about the music anymore, it's everlasting.”

Business Partner at Sendero Specialty Coffee
London, UK

  • schedule your music
  • 300+ ready-made soundtracks
  • create customized soundtracks
  • turn Spotify playlists into soundtracks
  • explicit-lyrics filter
  • licensed and legit
  • works with Sonos



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