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Background music for gyms

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In the United States, Soundtrack is only licensed for spaces where no physical activity takes place, such as entrances and waiting rooms

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Music sets the vibe

It can set the right mood or be a turn-off for your visitors. Get it right.

Save time

We’ve built tools that make it dead easy to manage music for any type of workout.

Licensed for gyms

Soundtrack is perfect for background music at gyms, whether it's in the lobby or in the changing rooms.


Music made easy

What’s the difference between soundtracks and playlists?

Soundtracks work like your gym’s own personalized radio stations. You control the music depending on the mood you want. Soundtrack does the rest. All soundtracks update automatically, adding new songs that fit the vibe of your choice. You can skip songs you don’t like and tweak the mood as you go.

Two ways of playing soundtracks in your gym

Create your own custom soundtracks based on genre, energy level or mood. You can also create soundtracks based on your Spotify playlists.

Try our ready-made soundtracks. Created by our music experts to pump up the mood at any type of training facility, from traditional memberships gyms to crossfit bootcamps.

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Explore some of our most played soundtracks in gyms

Calorie Killer Radio

High energy gym radio

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Everybody Dance Now

Energetic EDM for gyms and heart rates

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Motivational Rock

Heavy lifting rock for gym rats

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Multiple Locations

Different sounds for different spaces

Play different music in your reception, your changing rooms and other non-workout areas in your gym. Soundtrack makes it easy to create one account with multipe zones and to control what's playing in each zone.

  • schedule your music
  • 300+ ready-made soundtracks
  • create customized soundtracks
  • turn Spotify playlists into soundtracks
  • explicit-lyrics filter
  • licensed and legit
  • full sonos support


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