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Music for your gym

The easiest way to manage licensed music for gyms*
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* In the United States, Soundtrack is only available for entrance and waiting rooms, where physical activity does not take place

Background music for gyms

Play the right music, with minimal effort

Find the perfect mix of music for your gym and members.
We have hundreds of ready-to-play soundtracks made by our expert curators, perfect for gyms. Plus, all of this music is updated weekly and pushed to your account, so your music is fresh, non-repeating, and you don't need to do anything. Play and forget.

Explore some of our most popular soundtracks for gyms

Calorie Killer Radio

High energy gym radio

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Everybody Dance Now

Energetic EDM for gyms and heart rates

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Motivational Rock

Heavy lifting rock for gym rats

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Really Relaxed

Spa music, from classical to zen

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Rooftop Rap

Hip hop that may need elbow room

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Baile Latino

EDM, Pop, Reggaeton, Rock, Salsa

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Tornado Trap

An energizing trap tune flow

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Adrenalina Reggaeton

Juiced up reggaeton salvos

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House Pulse

Heated basslines and kicks that thump

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Pit Moshers

Hard rock for the non-fainthearted

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Afrobeats Emerge

African dance R&B takes the crown

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All American Alternative

The best US alternative rock

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Hot Mess

A wide range of modern electronic sounds

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Urban Airwaves

Hip hop and R&B radio

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Hits Made Easy

Acoustic covers of your favorite songs

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Complete control

Control what’s being played across all your gym locations from one tool in real-time, no matter where you are based.
Play the same music across all locations or adjust the feeling & mood to specific locations. Prevent repeats, control volume & more with the click of a button.

Schedule the music for your gyms

Now you can schedule our readymade music for gyms to create different moods for your guests throughout the day.

Offline playback

Never worry about your gym going silent if the internet drops out.
With our app, we pre-download your upcoming songs so if the internet goes down, your music never stops.

  • schedule your music
  • 300+ ready-made soundtracks
  • create customized soundtracks
  • turn Spotify playlists into soundtracks
  • explicit-lyrics filter
  • licensed and legit


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